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Therapeutic Art For Everyone, is a self paced, online learning, Therapeutic Art course – From The Training Academy Of Renaissance Life Therapies.

The process of creating art is itself a very therapeutic exercise. 

Therapeutic Art course image for course catalogue

Creating art is a wonderful experience that instantly provides us with many therapeutic benefits.

By engaging in this enjoyable form of self expression, we instantly feel a sense of calm.  Leaving the stresses and strains of daily life behind us, we enter a place of serenity, that is both relaxing and safe.

Creating art provides an environment in which we can face our fears and control our anxieties.

Deep rooted issues can emerge through the art we create.  Simply identifying these issues dramatically reduces any negative impact they may be having on our lives.

There are also therapeutic properties associated with using art materials, for example paints, colouring pencils, crayons, charcoal, clay, fabrics etc.  Using various art materials provides sensory stimulation.

This self paced online Therapeutic Art course, Therapeutic Art for everyone, contains many activities that anyone can do.

Creativity exists in all of us and Therapeutic Art is a great way of tapping into this unlimited potential that we all have.

Experience the therapeutic benefits afforded by the many exercises contained within this Therapeutic Art course.


This self paced online Therapeutic Art course, Therapeutic Art for everyone is split over four sections.

In section one, we begin with an introduction into Therapeutic Art for everyone.

We gain an understanding of what exactly Therapeutic Art is, including the different types of Therapeutic Art in existence.

We also gain an understanding of what an art therapist is and the role they play providing Therapeutic Art.

Also covered in section one, are art essentials and everything you need to know about art materials.

Therapeutic art and self exploration is the subject content of section two

We begin with an introduction into this section and the activities contained within.

Some of the activities in this section include, creating your very own vision board and spontaneous image diary.

Online Therapeutic Art course – Therapeutic Art for everyone

A great stress reliever is the scribble drawing to unwind, a simple exercise but very effective in realising calm.

Drawing and colouring your emotions wheel and painting your emotions.  Two great ways of visually recognising how you are feeling.

Affirmation cards are a brilliant way of reminding you how great you are.

Write yourself a love letter, is a cool exercise for identifying and recognising your unique positives.

Writing your pain a letter, is a very cathartic exercise for addressing many issues.

Learn to look at yourself positively by painting a self portrait.

Our inner and outer self is a very thought provoking exercise for understanding why we act a certain way with different people.

Create a self soothing images folder that you can look through whenever you need comforting.

There are also exercises to help you explore your deeper feelings.  Meditative painting is a form of active meditation and brings all the benefits afforded by more traditional types of meditation.

Art for pure enjoyment is the subject content of section three

Section three begins with an introduction into these more traditional methods of creating and enjoying art.

Exercises in this section include:

Mandalas (Sanskrit word meaning circle) are beautiful designs that are so much fun to create and colour.

Zentangles are a great way of creating art, whenever you have a free moment.  Whether you are on a train or in a waiting room, Zentangles are a great way to make the most of your time.

There are exercises for drawing with pen and ink, classic still life drawing using chalks and still life drawing in pencil.

There are also some basic activities in this section that can be used in other areas of your art work.  For example, contour drawing and pencil shading techniques.  Learn how to create your own pencil shading guide, a fantastic exercise to complement the pencil shading techniques exercise.

The final section in this Therapeutic Art course, Therapeutic Art for everyone is section four, therapeutic art for family bonding

Online Therapeutic Art course – Therapeutic Art for everyone

This section is great to enjoy with the whole family.  As well as creating art to enjoy, art is a great tool to use with children who may be experiencing bullying or trauma. 

Following an introduction to therapeutic art for family bonding, there are some practical activities including:

Accessing your inner child, an exercise in reaching a non-judgemental state in order to freely express yourself through the art you create.

Get creative with face painting – we show you how to do the perfect clown and tiger face.

Learn to create your own masterpiece using simple materials, such as coloured chalks and string.  We’ll also look at ways of using left over fabrics and get creative using clay.  Have a go at making your own piñata, a really fun practical activity from creation right through to demolition (if you can bear to).

The final exercise in this section is creative writing.  A brilliant way of expressing your feelings, through all the different characters you invent from your imagination.


Therapeutic Art course – Therapeutic Art for everyone

Section 1.  About Therapeutic Art

Introduction to this Therapeutic Art course – Therapeutic Art For Everyone

1.1  – What is Therapeutic Art?

1.2  – Different Forms of Therapeutic Art  

1.3  – What is an Art Therapist

1.4  – Art Materials

1.5  – Therapeutic Art Essentials

Section 2.  Therapeutic Art and Self Exploration

2.1 – Introduction to section 2

2.2 – Vision board

2.3 – Spontaneous image diary

2.4 – Scribble drawing to unwind

2.5 – Your emotions wheel

2.6 – Paint your emotions

2.7 – Affirmation cards

2.8 – Write yourself a love letter

2.9 – Writing your pain a letter

2.10 – Paint a self portrait

2.11 – Our inner and outer self

2.12 – Self soothing images folder

2.13 – Explore your deeper feelings

2.14 – Meditative painting

Section 3.  Art For Pure Enjoyment

3.1 – Introduction to section 3

3.2 – Creating Mandalas

3.3  – Zentangles

3.4 – Drawing with pen and ink

3.5 – Still life drawing in pencil

3.6 – Classic still life drawing

3.7 – Contour drawing

3.8 – Pencil shading techniques

3.9 – Create your own pencil shading guide

Section 4.  Therapeutic Art for Family Bonding

Online Therapeutic Art course – Therapeutic Art for everyone

4.1 – Introduction to section 4

4.2 – Accessing your inner child

4.3 – Face painting: Clown

4.4 – Face painting: Tiger

4.5 – Chalk and string

4.6 – Working with fabrics

4.7 – Create a head using clay

4.8 – Make your own piñata 

4.9 – Creative writing


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