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Self Confidence – Reap The Benefits of Self Confidence

Self Confidence - Reap The Benefits of Self Confidence

Self Confidence – Reap The Benefits of Self Confidence

Self Confidence Course: Self Confidence Reap The Benefits Of Self Confidence

James Bond has it. In fact just about every hero from books and film has it. People of the opposite sex find it attractive and it can help you ace a job interview. What is it? Well, it’s self-confidence.

This course is going to empower you and elevate your self-confidence to a whole new height!

Self Confidence Course: Self Confidence Reap The Benefits Of Self Confidence

When it comes to asking people what it is that they would like more of, along with money, having self-confidence is probably at the top of the list. After all, having self-confidence can give us a huge advantage and is responsible for propelling us in our careers, our love life, and how we view ourselves as a whole. This in turn, has a knock on effect on how we feel about ourselves and ultimately our self-esteem.

Having self-confidence will give you the courage to take chances and risks that you might not ordinarily take advantage of. Having belief in yourself will ensure you never let an opportunity pass you by and you’ll discover what it means to realise your full potential.

Having a deeper sense of self-confidence will help you know your strengths and weaknesses and use these to your benefit.

You’ll be able to utilise your newfound self-confidence to challenge yourself and overcome hurdles you would never have dared to previously.

Self Confidence Course: Self Confidence Reap The Benefits Of Self Confidence

As with all of my courses, this self-confidence course comes with full support from me 7 days a week and a personalised certificate.

Whatever it is you’d like to achieve I can get you where you want to be. I’ll show you how you develop long term strategies to build on your self-confidence as well as some “emergency” strategies that you can put into place when the moment calls for it!

This Self Confidence Course – Self Confidence Reap The Benefits Of Self Confidence Includes:

Introduction To Self-Confidence

Self-confidence goes by many names: assertiveness, composure, poise, presence. The list goes on.

This lecture kicks off this self-confidence course confirming that it is indeed something that we’re all searching for and wanting in abundance!

Self Confidence - Reap The Benefits of Self Confidence

Downloadables – All in One Place

There are various downloadable resources that are contained within the course and I have included them here so they are in one handy place!  Enjoy!

Let’s Talk About Self-Confidence

Self-confidence is something everyone seems to want, but not many people stop to think what self-confidence actually is. Before we can even talk about boosting self-confidence we need to discuss the nature of self-confidence.

I’ve included a great activity that really let’s you explore what you’d like to do but lack the confidence to do it.

Quotes on Self-Confidence

Some inspiring quotes on confidence and what it means to be self-confident!

What Are Beliefs?

We look at the two important principles here surrounding our beliefs. These include the sum of our beliefs and also what we think is the truth even if we have no evidence for it.

Belief and Bias – A Match Made in Hades

This lecture lends itself to confirmation bias. Confirmation bias is when we look for evidence to support something that we already believe to be true.

This is a great lesson to get to grips with in the quest for becoming more self-confident!

Belief and Bias – The Trudy and Michael Scenario

In this lecture we look at the example of Michael, and his boss, Trudy. Michael believes he is a terrible writer and is left feeling somewhat dented after Trudy asks him to write a presentation!

Belief and Bias – Conclusion

In this concluding lecture of ‘Belief and Bias’ we look at why people find it difficult to remove or change a fundamental belief they may hold. For some people they choose not to change (even if it’s for the better), because it can shake up their sense of identity.

Practical Ways to Help Bolster Your Self-Confidence

Here are some practical ways in which you can help to bolster your self-confidence!

Just Too Ignorant: The Dunning-Kruger Effect

Now, we all want to be as confident as we can, but there are times when we need to be realistic in respect of our talents. The Dunning-Kruger Effect is a term given to people who have no awareness. It is an incredibly interesting topic and one I’m sure you will enjoy learning about!

The Imposter Syndrome Curse

The Imposter Syndrome is a very real concern for a lot of people who are living with low self-confidence. It basically refers to anyone who has a belief that their successes and achievements are down to luck rather than merit. This lecture explores the Imposter Syndrome “curse” with a practical exercise that will help you dispute the curse and ensure that you feel proud of what you’ve achieved and not feel like a “fake”.

The Character Method of Self Knowledge

This is a great exercise on self-awareness as well as self-confidence. This lecture is concerned with the principle of “Show, don’t tell”. It is all about creating a character without actually giving explicit details away, and here we turn this principle on ourselves!

Mental Confidence Builder

This lecture is all about a mental confidence builder!

Five Exercises To Build on Your Self-Esteem

Here are five small exercises that will help you build on your self-esteem!

Why Do We Want Self-Confidence in The First Place

So what is it that we are trying to “buy” with the currency we call self-confidence? To answer this question we have to talk about something called “Loss Aversion”.

Loss aversion is what happens when we do something in order to avoid the pain of loss.

Self-Confidence and Fear

In this lecture we look at some practical ways in which you can overcome fear in order to advance. Building on your self-confidence will help you to expose yourself in a gentle way in overcoming any fears or anxieties that may be holding you back from achieving what it is you want from your life!

Knowledge as The Enemy of Fear

How can we apply this lecture to our own lives? It really is as obvious as it sounds. In fact you’re doing it as we speak. Gaining knowledge about something you fear! The more you know the more equipped you are in achieving what you want and overcoming fear that is holding you back.

The Swish Technique

This lecture is learning about the SWISH technique.  The SWISH technique is take from NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming).  It is often used for addressing negative habits but is equally effective for building on self-confidence.

Body Language for Self-Confidence

This is a bonus lecture taken from my Body Language course.  I’ve included this because I think it’s really relevant to self-confidence.  If you like it, why not have a look at my body language course, which covers quite a bit of self-confidence!

Emergency Self-Confidence

Having some emergency confidence is something that we all need to know how to draw upon. Regardless of who we are, there will be times and situations that call for an extra boost of self-confidence to be able to influence an outcome!

Self Confidence - Reap The Benefits of Self Confidence

Seven Day Confidence Challenge

Being Confident in Conversations

Social anxiety is a real concern for a lot of people, even more so when a situation calls for a one to one conversation with another person. You’ll discover the best skill in any conversation is being able to listen effectively!

Being Confident in Negotiations

Being a confident negotiator is a key skill in getting what you want in life, but it means you need to know both what you and the person across the table are actually doing.

This lecture will give you some strategies to get ahead in negotiations.

Being Confident in Romance

We’ve all been there. When it comes to romance and the whole dating game, having self-confidence is the difference between getting a date and not. As we know confidence is such an attractive quality when we’re looking for a mate and so getting in right is going to stand you in good stead!

Some Things You May Not Have Known About Confidence


Thank you so much for joining me in this self-confidence course. I really hope you have enjoyed it and are on your own journey of becoming the most confident you!

Like all of my courses, I am available to help with any questions you might have and would be delighted to hear from you so don’t be shy!

Libby 🙂


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Self Confidence – Reap The Benefits of Self Confidence – COURSE REVIEWS

Thought that it is an excellent exercise in building your confidence irrespective what you want confidence for 🙂 🙂 🙂


Excellent mental confidence building techniques )))

Helpful exercises that are scientific and well thought out which promote self confidence in a non scary exposured way!

A gentle exposure to gaining more confidence. A very good course which I enjoyed immensley

I’m hooked, and my self confidence is soaring……

Being confident in conversations is something ive struggled with all my adult life so im looking forward to working on that with these newly learned skills and techniques


WOW what a refreshing funky course

This has given me lots of exercises to bolster my confidence. Haave tried some alreaddy this morning and must admit can see it working. I thought the idea of emergency confidence was excellent and really applies to me

Thank you Libby for your generous invite to attend your online web show earlier. What an interesting woman you are! I have thoroughly thoroughly enjoyed learning how to elevate my self=confidence and will pass details of it on to my friends 🙂

Libby is an accomplished speaker and if you get the opp. to listen to any of the webinars then you should! Libby I wish to express my gratitiude for the pleasure of this course. It is exceptional and would be very ‘confident’ {exxcuse the punn!} in recommending this to people who would like to get help with more confidence or help with low selfesteem

My confidence has grown already and ive still got tons of exercises to complete, how wonderful is that?

Helpfull for techniques and gaining self confidenc. Highly suggest this is you’re falling short of feeling your most confident 😉

Awesome, loads of useful practical things to build confidence. I will need support holding my head up, as it is getting very large ha ha

Libby’s coaching performance is outstanding here. She has a burning desire to please her students with outstanding presentation skills, superb content and excellent delivery of a fantastic course. I have no hesitation in recommending this course to students around the world who are thinking about learning more about the subject of self confidence. A further reminder is needed in order for you to make sure that you do the bonus lecture in the course because Libby offers a huge and generous discount that gives students an opportunity to do all of her courses for 9 dollars. Outstanding value in my eyes!!!

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