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Harley Street Therapists Offer Sale Price Skype Therapy Sessions To Keep Staff Tip Top

As Mental Health again comes to the fore, Harley Street therapists Renaissance Life Therapies have launched Skype sessions to accommodate clients around-the-clock and at just £60

Writer Cynthia Boccelli said, “For a seed to achieve its greatest expression, it must come completely undone. The shell cracks, its insides come out and everything changes. To someone who doesn’t understand growth, it would look like complete destruction” Therapists at Harley Street practice said seeing clients empowered by opting to make a change in their lives is beautiful.

A reported 45% of people recover from mental illnesses by accessing therapy and yet cuts are still being made. Renaissance Life Therapies encourage people to see the first cracks as part of their transformation: the birth of their changing. Within the destruction, various methods, centred around the person can help to gain insight and make sense of the parts that have spilled everywhere. The professional Harley Street based clinic is now offering sessions via Skype or telephone to clients anywhere in the world at dramatically slashed prices.

People with complex issues: from ADHD management to addiction; self harm to suicidal tendencies; bereavement to body issues and everywhere in between; may have any number of reasons for preferring this method to face-to-face counselling. Recognising this, and the need for convenience; introducing the Skype sessions allows Renaissance to bridge the gap between the need for resolution, understanding; even rebirth and the creation of time to manage it in.

With three different counsellors covering therapies from CBT to ADHD management, anxiety issues, psychotherapy and even confidence training, the range of skills on offer have something to meet the NHS Parity of Esteem requirements. Richard Smith said, “Our Skype system is unique in that we offer very competitive rates and sessions 24/7.” Confidentiality is prioritised even at the referral stage. “We aim to place clients with the therapist best suited to their needs. Before liaising with our colleagues we must first seek the permission of the client to refer them.” said Richard.

At Renaissance, opening hours begin at 7.00am and close is at 10.00pm GMT; offering availability outside regular practitioner’s hours with Skype sessions bookable at any time. Coupled with the benefits of avoiding heavy traffic and fees travelling may incur; therapies over Skype save time and money. For many clients, tackling complex issues can seem overwhelming and bookings show that they take comfort in being able to do so from home.

Recent media attention has highlighted the importance of mental health support within the UK, and with their easy booking system, accessibility and competitive prices, Renaissance Life Therapies offer an affordable step towards nurturing the soul.


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