Reiki and colour therapy

Hi Everyone

Firstly, I hope you’re enjoying our new course – Both Lisa and I have been really excited to be working on such a great project together, and we genuinely want you to have the most enriching learning experience with us.  So please, if there is anything at all you need as you’re studying, don’t hesitate to reach out.  We’re here to help ensure you get the very most out of the course 🙂

I’d like to offer you the opportunity to take one, or both of my Art Therapy courses for just  $10 instead of their normal selling price of $200.  There are only a limited number of coupons, so hurry while they last!

Art Therapy – $10 SPECIAL OFFER

Art and Colouring – $10 SPECIAL OFFER

As well as enrolling on the best selling Art Therapy courses within the Udemy marketplace, you’ll also be invited to become a private member of an exclusive online community, which I have created solely for the students’ of these two courses.

This exclusive community is a wonderful space where students are able to upload and share their art work with one another.  Along with the help of my students, I have created a very nurturing environment, whereby everyone will be made to feel welcomed, supported and valued.

The community is for everyone to enjoy, regardless of whether you consider yourself to have artistic abilities or not.  The aim of the group is to embrace the creative process, rather than being judgemental towards the end result.  I try to instil in all of my students, that art, and being creative is for everyone, regardless of your age, background or whether you’re a trained artist or have zero experience.  I have many students who haven’t picked up a pencil or colouring pens since school and even have some students in their eighties!

You will love the diversity of the group and how remarkably friendly it is, so if you do enrol on one of the art therapy courses, make sure you click on the link which is contained within the course, and come and say “Hi” – You will be most welcome and glad you did!

So once again, here are the links for just $10 instead of paying the full asking price of $200.  But hurry they won’t last

Art Therapy – $10 SPECIAL OFFER

Art and Colouring – $10 SPECIAL OFFER

As with all of my courses, including the Reiki and Colour Therapy course, you’ll be eligible to gain a diploma and formal CPD accreditation (Continue Professional Development), along with 10 hours of CPD Credit.

There are no exams to take, you simply need to complete the course.  There is a one off fee of just £9.99, and for this you will receive three professional certificates.  Here is a sample of the said certificates you’ll receive:

If you would like to gain accreditation and benefit from CPD, make sure you see the very last lecture in the course for full instructions.  It is a very simple process, and as long as you have completed the course, I can arrange your accreditation the very same day.

I hope you’re all having a wonderful Sunday, and remember if there is anything you need as you study, don’t hesitate to reach out.

Libby 🙂