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Psychotherapy aims to help you understand your feelings and how you think about yourself, others and your life.

Psychotherapy will help you deal with emotional disturbances

Difficult and painful experiences from the past, can affect the way we think and behave in the present. Psychotherapy will help you explore this, even if the link between past and present is not obvious.

Psychotherapy involves working with a psychotherapist. Talking with a qualified psychotherapist will support you through the process of helping you create profound change in your life.

Our qualified psychotherapists will encourage you to talk about how those experiences may be affecting you now, and a space to work through your emotional distress.

Part of the psychotherapy journey, is to feel entirely at ease, so that you can fully express yourself. To ensure this, your psychotherapist will provide you with a safe, confidential, and non-judgemental space.


Counselling is similar to psychotherapy, in that it is a form of talking therapy, that helps individuals with psychological and emotional issues.

As with psychotherapy, this talking therapy provides an opportunity for a person to think, and talk, about a difficulty they may be facing in their life.

Both counselling and psychotherapy will help make sense of difficulties they experience which can affect their mood, behaviour, feelings, thoughts, and even their physiological well-being.

The relationship between you and your counsellor or psychotherapist, is one of the most important factors in the effectiveness of counselling or psychotherapy.

Your counsellor or psychotherapist will help you develop an understanding of yourself and others. During therapy you will be supported so that you can work on the difficulties you face, facilitating positive change.

Counselling and psychotherapy will equip you with the necessary strategies to develop new perspectives for a healthier, happier life.



Psychotherapy counselling with a professional psychotherapist

Counselling and Psychotherapy are terms that are often used interchangeably.

Although they are very similar, the key difference between the two, is generally identified by the amount of sessions the client needs, and what is being addressed within therapy.

Psychotherapy involves working with clients over a longer term.

A psychotherapist will focus on helping the client to have a deeper awareness of emotional issues, as well as looking at the foundation of the problem.

A counsellor and psychotherapist can work from a variety of theoretical approaches with their clients.  These can include using analytic psychotherapy, humanistic psychotherapy and behavioural psychotherapy.

It is worth noting that in some instances, the relationship between the psychotherapist and the client, can be more important, than the approach the psychotherapist uses.


Psychotherapy will help you deal with the past


This therapy is largely based on the relationship between the client and the psychotherapist. By the psychotherapist being accepting of the client, it promotes a natural freedom of expression within the client. Working through their thoughts and feelings, the object is for the client to become accepting of themself.


This is a talking therapy where negative thoughts and behaviours are challenged with the support of the psychotherapist.


This was developed from cognitive behaviour therapy. It is based on changing behaviour and acceptance of one’s self.

The client will work with the psychotherapist in applying techniques and implementing acceptance strategies.

This form of psychotherapy is particularly beneficial for those people who are managing BPD and who have a history of drug or alcohol addiction.


This is a form of psychotherapy developed to manage symptoms, resulting from unresolved life experiences.

Working with a psychotherapist, EMDR aims to create associations between the distressing memory, and more adaptive information from other memory networks within us.


Existential psychotherapy focuses on exploring the challenges and paradoxes of human existence, rather than psychopathology.


This therapy is concerned with personal growth of the client. The role of the psychotherapist is to provide a safe, non-judgemental space for the client.

Humanistic psychotherapy can often be described as being a non-directive form of therapy.


This therapy encourages people to develop a sense of awareness, enabling a client to live in the present moment.

Mindfulness psychotherapists can work with both individuals and groups, and will usually integrate mindfulness into another modality, in which they are already trained.

Psychotherapy helps people deal with emotional challenges


The psychotherapist works with the client to interpret troublesome feelings and relationships from the past.  This type of therapy is often used by clients suffering high levels of distress and can be a lengthy and intensive process.


The Psychodynamic approach is derived from Psychoanalysis but usually doesn’t last as long. Instead, the therapy involves working with the psychotherapist in providing a quicker solution to emotional problems.


Rational emotive behaviour therapy focuses on uncovering irrational beliefs, which may lead to unhealthy negative emotions. The psychotherapist will work with the client to replace them with more productive, rational alternatives.


This type of therapy can be extended to relationships in the workplace as well as family members and couples.

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