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Yoga for beginners is an online course, created by the training academy of Renaissance Life Therapies

Try yoga for beginners and experience a healthier, happier, stress free life.

online yoga course – yoga for beginners

Yoga for beginners is an online course, that enables you to practice yoga from the comfort of your home.

With no specialist clothing or equipment to pay out for, you can begin practicing yoga right now and benefit from all that yoga has to offer.

Yoga for beginners contains a range of exercises including asanas, relaxation exercises and meditation exercises, that when combined, provide a solid basis for a healthy body and mind.

These exercises include yoga postures or poses known as asanas – Asanas provides your body with a physical workout, increasing strength, flexibility, energy and improving blood circulation.

Relaxation exercises – These exercises relax your body and re-energise various systems throughout the body, reducing stress and conserving energy.

Meditation exercises – Meditation helps with breathing awareness, increased focus of attention, inner peace and a calm mind.


This online yoga course, Yoga For Beginners, is divided into seven sections.

online yoga course – yoga for beginners

In section 1.  We are introduced to yoga for beginners, by learning some basics including:

The background of yoga,  the various types of yoga that exist and the spiritual side of yoga.

We also learn about the philosophical guide for yoga, known as the Sutra.

In section 2. We learn about all the positives associated with practicing yoga, including:

Many great reasons why practicing yoga is beneficial, both physically and mentally.

The five principles that combined, provide a solid basis for any yoga practice, these being:

Exercise, breathing awareness and meditation, relaxation, positive thinking and yoga diet.

Section 3.  Contains everything we need to know before practicing yoga, including:

What to be aware of before starting yoga exercises.

The primary movements involved in yoga, for example, seated, standing, inversions etc.

When is best to practice yoga and what to expect from a typical yoga session.

Section 4.  Begins with an introduction to some yoga essentials.

These yoga essentials complement the practice of yoga, so that when combined, we gain the maximum benefits on offer.

The corpse pose can start and finish a yoga session, so we explore this particular yoga posture in greater detail.

Although meditation is not essential to the practice of yoga, we have included it here because meditation is so beneficial in many aspects of yoga and in other areas of our lives.

There are an array of ways in which meditation can be practiced, so we have included a number of the more widely used methods. 

We encourage you to try them all and adopt the style you favour the most.

We begin section 5.  With an introduction to Sun Salutations.

Sun Salutations (salute to the Sun) are a set of yoga postures, that are performed in a sequence one after the other and are directed by the breath.

We have included three different types of Sun Salutations, each vary in difficulty level.

To ensure that each individual pose is performed correctly within each Sun Salutation, we have separate instructions for each of the poses.

We recommend practicing each pose individually, until you are comfortable performing each one of them, before attempting the Sun Salutations.

Also included in section five is a warm up class, which should be taken before performing any yoga poses (asanas).

Section 6.  Contains all your yoga classes and we begin with an introduction to these yoga classes.

online yoga course – yoga for beginners

We have crammed lots of classes into this section, beginning with a basic yoga class and finishing up with some extended classes.

There are classes for seated poses, inversion poses (upside down), standing poses and classes with combinations of various poses.

Overall there is a great selection of classes here, making this online yoga course, yoga for beginners a super addition to our series of online learning courses.

Finally in section 7.  We wrap everything up with a learning conclusion.


Section 1 – Introduction to Yoga

Introduction to this online yoga course

online yoga course – yoga for beginners

1.1    What is Yoga

1.2    The Sutra – A Philosophical Guide for Yoga

1.3    Types of Yoga

1.4    What Do I Need to Practice Yoga

1.5    Yoga and Spirituality

Section 2 – Yoga Positives

2.1    Reasons to Try Yoga

2.2    Physical Benefits of Practicing Yoga

2.3    Yoga for A Healthy Mind and Body

Section 3 – Before You Begin

3.1    The Best Time to Practice Yoga

3.2    Seven Primary Movements of Yoga

3.3    What Does a Yoga Session Include

3.4    Things to Note Before Starting Yoga Exercises

Section 4 – Yoga Essentials

4.1    Introduction to Yoga Essentials

4.2    Corpse Pose

4.3    Performing The Corpse Pose

4.4    Meditation for Breathing Awareness

4.5    Meditation: Method 1

4.6    Meditation: Method 2

4.7    Meditation: Method 3

Section 5 – Sun Salutations

5.1    Introduction to Sun Salutations

5.2    Initial Class for Sun Salutations

5.3    Individual Postures for Sun Salutation

5.4    Sun Salutation: Method 1

5.5    Sun Salutation: Method 2

5.6    Sun Salutation: Method 3

online yoga course – yoga for beginners

Section 6 – Yoga Classes

6.1    Introduction to Yoga Classes

6.2    Basic Yoga Class

6.3    Seated Postures Yoga Class

6.4    Standing Postures Yoga Class

6.5    Seated and Standing Yoga Class

6.6    Inversion Yoga Class

6.7    Extended Yoga Class: Number 1

6.8    Extended Yoga Class: Number 2

Section 7 – Conclusion

7.1    Learning Conclusion


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