Mind Over Matter, 5 ways the mind really has power over matter

Mind Over Matter

Mind Over Matter 5 Ways The Mind Really Has Power Over Matter

Mind Over Matter

What is mind over matter? We like to think of our minds as something intangible, a sort of spiritual phenomenon. The truth is that the mind is a result of the processes of the brain and the brain is very much a physical part of the world. Just ask anyone who has ever had a concussion!

So, whether you find it easy to believe or not, it turns out that the human mind can exercise its will over the real world in surprising ways. “Mind over matter” is not just something spiritual gurus believe in. In many ways that statement is scientific fact. While you probably won’t be bending spoons like Uri Geller for real, here are some of the ways that what you think, can actually influence the world around you (mind over matter)!

Mind Over Matter No 1. The Healing Power of Thought

Actually, we shouldn’t be surprised that what happens in our minds affects our bodies. People with a positive outlook on life, even if a little more positive than is realistic, generally live longer and are healthier. If you trust people and work to avoid feelings of loneliness you’ll actually lower the chances that you’ll die of a heart attack, get dementia and will age more slowly.

Mind Over Matter No 2. The Amazing Power of Self-Hypnosis

Hypnosis is just a fancy way of saying that someone has been strongly convinced of something, usually a suggestion that comes from a hypnotist. Self-hypnosis is the same thing except you convince yourself.

It’s amazing what successful self-hypnosis can let people achieve. People can lose weight, quit smoking, manage chronic pain and more.

Mind Over Matter No 3. Meaning and Having a Higher Purpose

Believing in something greater than yourself, can profoundly influence how much and how well you can handle the tough times in life. For most people having a higher purpose may mean being religious, but the same effect is achieved for more earthbound causes as well.

Whether you believe in global values such as peace and equality, or simply live for your family, having meaning and a higher purpose, unlocks powerful resilience in us. Whether it’s responding to chemotherapy or dealing with a natural disaster, a higher purpose can pull you through situations you’d never believe you had the strength for.

Mind Over Matter No 4. Meditation: Not Just for Monks

The act of mindful meditation is becoming more popular and widespread every day. People who practice it consistently and correctly enjoy a whole host of benefits. They sleep better, concentrate better, have more energy, experience less stress and even have healthier immune systems.

Some super advanced practitioners of meditation, such as the monks of Shaolin, can even take control of autonomic bodily functions such as their heart rate, their blood pressure and control it on command. Something they have demonstrated while hooked up to medical equipment.

Mind Over Matter No 5. Thoughts Can Hurt You

Everyone has heard of the placebo effect. That’s when the doctor gives you sugar pills, but because you think it’s real medicine you actually get better. Well, the placebo effect has a dark side to it as well.

Known as the “nocebo” effect, the belief that you’re sick can very easily make you sick. Not just make you think you are sick, but produce physical symptoms that doctors can detect, even though there seems to be no cause. So positive thinking is not just about making you feel better than usual, it’s also about stopping you from practicing active self harm.

Mental Hygiene

We spend a lot of time making sure our bodies are clean and in good shape, but few people pay any attention to their mental hygiene. What you think is just as important as getting exercise, eating right or taking your prescribed medicine. It’s all about the power of mind over matter.

Here’s an interesting article i found, http://listverse.com/2013/05/21/10-amazing-examples-of-mind-over-matter/ so you may like to check it out!

Take care to practice mental hygiene. Don’t expose yourself to negative stuff in the media all the time, or get into thought spirals that only lead downward. Of course, you should not hide away from all the bad stuff in the world, but you should practice moderation when it comes to negative mental “energy” in your life. That’s the key to true mind over matter.

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