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Employees Who Feel Supported Twice As Likely To Recover From Mental Health Issues

Whilst the nation loses £70bn pa due to mental health sickness at work, Harley Street therapists Renaissance Life Therapies praise managers who support employees to achieve optimum mental health.

Mental health issues now affect one in four adults, and as 60-70% of these people are in work, implementing a strategy for dealing with staff stress issues is vital for any business manager. Stress leads to a drop in productivity, motivation and lengthy time periods of reduced staff.

45% of people recover from mental illnesses by accessing therapy, and one Harley Street based organisation Renaissance Life Therapies have reported that their success in empowering employees to manage their own time and schedules more effectively, supersedes this to 59%. One unique aspect of their services is clients’ ability to access all services using Skype; reducing time out and fostering a comfortable environment in which to talk.

Nurturing an attitude of ‘nipping mental health issues in the bud’ ideally should start from the top down. One manager recognises that whilst she is acutely aware of the need to support her staff; she had previously forgotten to attend to her own stress-related needs. Until she snapped. Laura Barnes, Managing Director of Palaver Maven, a high end content company based in Cornwall, said, “Accessing therapy via Skype has enabled me to fit sessions within a hectic schedule and helped me to focus on my business goals and creating a manageable strategy for delivering them.”

As experts in Neuro Linguistic Programming, Renaissance promote an ethos of clients being kinder to themselves, through internal conversations. In the high pressured environments of the modern workplace, constantly striving to achieve targets can instigate negative internal diatribes. If managers listen to their own internal conversations, they can gauge their staff’s concerns too.

Libby Seery, an experienced therapist from Renaissance said, “since last year, we have seen a 17.3% rise in employees accessing our via Skype services. Clients who feel supported in this brave move from within the workplace are twice as likely to overcome their issues.”

With three different counsellors covering therapies from CBT to ADHD management, anxiety issues, psychotherapy and even confidence training, the range of skills on offer have something to meet the NHS Parity of Esteem requirements. Appointments run from 7am to 10pm 365 days a year, helping to accommodate employees’ busy lives. Currently they are offering all of their services: from therapy sessions to NLP coaching and CBT therapy to anxiety management via Skype at half price.

Please see their website for more details, or call 02070162187 from 9-5 or 07720817599 outside of these hours.


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