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Our life coaching courses are perfect for anyone wishing to enter a career in coaching, or for anyone who is interested in the field of life coach training, either for professional or personal development.  On completion, you will receive a life coach certification.

Our life coaching courses come with lifetime access and are brought to you from the Training Academy of Renaissance Life Therapies.

life coaching courses designed for success



Our life coaching courses are completely different to any other life coaching course.  

Firstly, there are no schedules to meet.  With all of our life coaching courses, comes complete flexibility.  They are all self paced and it is entirely up to you as to how you manage your study time.  

There are a number of advantages of self paced study.  Our life coaching courses are designed so that you can choose to study part time, fitting it in around existing work /family commitments.  For many people, our life coaching courses are taken as an intensive learning experience, making it possible to achieve your life coach certification, in a matter of days.

Secondly, what makes our life coaching courses different, is the support that is offered from the creator and teacher.

If you should wish, you are able to take this life coaching course with the addition of unlimited support.  This includes regular one to one tutorials.

These private lessons can be taken online, via Skype, telephone, or email, whichever is your preferred method.  Our life coaching course with unlimited support, also entitles you to email support, 7 days a week, both during and after you’ve finished your study.  This means there is always someone on hand to help you.

Please contact us for more information about taking this life coaching course with the addition of unlimited support and personal tuition from the course creator.


Award winning life coaching courses

Enrolling on one of our life coaching courses will provide you with a solid understanding of life coaching.  You will cover many practical exercises as well as mastering tools, techniques and the skills required to start your own coaching practice, if this is your motivation.  You’ll also be awarded a life coach certification on successful completion.

Start today and help change people’s lives with a brand new rewarding career in life coaching.



Life Coaching Courses with Life Coach Certification

The demand for professional life coaches is on the rise.  There has been a huge increase in the amount of sporting professionals and celebrities securing the services of life coaches.  Even more encouraging though, is the amount of people in mainstream public, wanting to work with life coaches.

 Do you possess the qualities of a life coach?  Have you ever considered a career in coaching?  Have you ever considered life coach training?  Have you ever considered the benefits of being self employed? 

So, what are the benefits of being a self employed life coach?  For instance, did you know:

  • A life coaching business can have few overheads if ran effectively.
  • Studying in one of our life coaching courses, provides you with everything you need including a life coach certification on completion.  As a life coach, you’ll get paid for helping people achieve their targets, goals and dreams.
  • After completing your life coach training, you’ll be your own boss.
  • Enrolling on one of our life coaching courses, will enable you to make a real difference to peoples’ lives, and of course, your own.
  • All of our life coaching courses have been developed so that everyone can benefit and make significant changes to their personal and professional lives – even complete beginners.
  • If you’ve already had some experience in life coach training, but have not yet made the transition into this new rewarding career, one of our life coaching courses will make the difference to your confidence and skill sets.

All of our life coaching courses are designed specifically for:

  • Those people who wish to further their career in this field, or any other life coaching courses based fields.
  • For people who are interested in self help, self development and life coach training.
  • For anyone who wants to train and earn a life coach certification.


Our life coaching courses are flexible to study

This online life coaching course, is entirely self paced and includes:

1.  COURSE INTRODUCTION – Covering all the basics, life coach training course objectives, course outline and more.

2.  COACHING, COUNSELLING, CONSULTING & MENTORING – Explaining the differences & summary of differences.

3.  THE BASICS – The key responsibilities of a coach, listening skills & questioning.

4.  COACHING MODELS – The T-GROW model & the SMART model.

5.  COMMUNICATION – The Albert Mehrabian model, matching, mirroring & clean language.


7.  FEEDBACK – The importance of feedback, principles of feedback & feedback styles.

8.  TOOLKIT – Wheel of life & live your dreams.

9.  RESOURCES – This section contains heaps of resources.  All of them can be personalised for you and your clients to you.

10.  ADMINISTRATION – Administration templates, coaching agreement, coaching log, coaching ethics and standards & data protection act.

11.  CONCLUSION – Summarising your learning experience.


All of our life coaching courses include lifetime access to the course material, and of course your life coach certification, awarded by the Training Academy of Renaissance Life Therapies.

These life coaching courses award you a life coach certification

This life coaching course is also available with the addition of unlimited support.  Together with unlimited support, you also receive 2 hours personal tuition.  This personal tuition is exclusive to the student and can be used for whatever aspect of life coach training, you would like to explore further. 

In keeping with our ethos of flexibility and convenience, personal tuition sessions are delivered to the student, via online (Skype, telephone, instant messenger or email).  In addition, evening and weekend appointments are made available.

This life coaching course with the addition of unlimited support, provides first class support, both during and post completion, with support being provided for a further year after completion, making our life coaching courses, amazing value.

If you are interested in taking this life coaching course with the addition of unlimited support and personal tuition, then please contact us for further details.


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This course has given me the opportunity to start my own business and leave a job I hated.  I am able to fit my clients around my family and earn more than I ever thought possible.

I’ve researched a lot of different courses on Life Coaching and this was the best by far.  Not only was it the most economical (in fact, it was less than half the cost of some others I looked at), but the support was outstanding. Highly recommended and a big thumbs up!

Brilliant course especially if you have a lot of commitments like myself.  It was perfect for me as I could fit it in round work and the children without any trouble.  

It has been just over 2 weeks since I’ve started working for myself as a life coach and I’ve already earned more than 2 months of my regular salary – I wish I had done this years ago.

This course is not only great for training as a life coach but also fantastic as a self development tool. Brilliant level of tutor support even after I had finished.  Really impressed.

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