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There are lots of reasons why people choose to work with a life coach.  

A life coach will motivate you and keep you focused

You might be ready for change, or, you might just wonder if you are.  It’s perfectly normal to wonder, but next time you do, consider all the possibilities and opportunities that may await you.

Having a professional life coach working with you, will help you explore a life without limits and realise your full potential.  After all, that’s what life coaching does.

Embarking on this personal journey, is both exciting and empowering – you will be capable of achieving just about anything you wish. 

Life coaching sessions with Renaissance Life Therapies, will provide you with a safe, confidential space, allowing you to express yourself without fear of judgement.


A life coach will help you achieve your goals

The role of your life coach is to help facilitate, and to support you as you realise your goals.

Life coaching with Renaissance life Therapies, also offers support in between sessions, keeping you focussed and motivated.


  • Working with a life coach helps improve health, wellbeing and fitness.
  • A life coach will help you gain a better balance between work and home.
  • Find clarity about what you want, why you want it and how you can get it.
  • Life coaching teaches strategies and techniques that help you to reach your goal faster.
  • Your life coach will help you to overcome obstacles, build up confidence and lessen insecurities.
  • Your life coach will give you dedicated time, support, encouragement and motivation.
  • Life coaching is perfect for those people looking for a career change.
  • Working with a life coach can help you achieve more wealth.
  • A life coach will help encourage personal development.
  • Life coaching can help with weight management.
  • A life coach will help you to retrain negative thought patterns.
  • Life coaching will help you in reframing restricting belief systems.
  • A life coach can help removing personal blocks, preventing you from advancing.
  • Working with a life coach will help you overcome procrastination.
  • Life coaching can help address and increase your energy levels.


This will depend on the results you want, and how soon you want them.  For some, just one or two life coaching sessions is all that’s needed.  Some clients enjoy an ongoing `as and when´ type of support, and for others, everything in between.  Clients who have very specific goals, working within a rigid time frame, often want quick results, and these clients may benefit from having life coaching sessions, as an intensive course.


This is probably the fastest growing area of interest, in relation to life coaching at the moment. Whether it’s because of circumstance, or simple curiosity, the popularity of life coaching is undeniable.

Life coaching by a Professional Life Coach

At a time when we thought retirement would bring with it the rewards of having planned ahead, many of us are profoundly affected by life changes. For many reasons, we can find ourselves feeling alone, uncertain and even vulnerable about the future. This is particularly true, if you have experienced the loss of a partner, or for some, a beloved pet.

Here at Renaissance Life Therapies, our team of dedicated life coaches have many years of experience providing life coaching services.

Life coaching helps in building confidence.  Working with a life coach life will encourage you to be open in trying new things, and to explore exciting opportunities.  Drawing on over twenty years of experience, our team of life coaches have had the pleasure and privilege, of working with many amazing seniors. 

Our life coaching team are always insisting, senior clients really are proof, that anything and everything, is possible for all of us!


  • Strengthen and increase your motivation.
  • Help you to better manage your time.
  • Help you with focussing issues.
  • Help you gain more confidence.
  • Help you strengthen your self esteem.
  • Help you learn new skills.
  • Help you realise and fulfil your ambitions.
  • Help you realise and fulfil your dreams.
  • Help you realise your full potential.

A life coach can help you address, pretty much any area of your life.

So whether it’s Counselling, Psychotherapy or Life Coaching you require, we can help.  If visiting us at our Harley Street clinic isn’t practical for you, then why not try our life coach services online. 

For more information about life coaching online, keep reading!


There are many reasons why people choose to have life coaching, online, rather than in person.

Life coaching is provided by a life coach

Let’s start with all the practical advantages of having a life coach session online, such as, the avoidance of public transport, waiting rooms, bad weather, driving in heavy traffic, finding a parking space, as well as all the other irritations that may come with attending appointments in person.  Whilst being in a familiar environment, most clients say they are generally more relaxed. This can be beneficial to the life coaching process, especially, when exploring topics that may be emotionally challenging.

Online Life Coaching still allows for important factors, such as real time communication, verbal cues, eye contact, and observing body language, making it just as effective, as having a life coach session face to face.


Some people like the idea of having a life coach session over the Internet.  Instant message software such as Skype, makes it possible to participate in a life coaching session, anywhere in the world.


A life coach will support you in achieving your dreams

Email life coaching has been around for some time now.  It offers the convenience of not having to leave home, the privacy of not being seen or heard and the added advantage that you can choose to write in your own time.  It can be a big step for someone to start life coaching, so this is a great option.  Some people feel under time pressure when they are in a room with their life coach.  This pressure disappears with life coaching via email.  Exchanging emails with your life coach means you can think through what you want to say.  You can take your time to write it and then, when you receive a reply from your life coach, you can read it over in your own time.  Email coaching takes the rush out of considered thought.

Here at Renaissance Life Therapies, we offer our life coaching services from 6:00am through to 11:00pm.  We also offer appointments during weekends and public holidays.

The flexibility and convenience of online life coaching, can facilitate appointments at very short notice.  This actually makes it possible, to have a life coach session, within the same hour of your booking one, regardless of where you are in the world.

At Renaissance Life Therapies, we are highly experienced and technically adept, at delivering life coaching online. In addition to our professional qualifications, we are trained and qualified in this particular specialism.  This ensures our work is delivered with expertise, and in accordance with the BACP’s guidelines.

We always conduct and deliver life coach sessions, in exactly the same professional manner, adhering to a strict confidentiality policy, irrespective of how you should choose to have them.

Skype is an audio and video application that uses Advanced Encryption Standard (AES), making it secure to share information. For further information about Skype please click here.

Whatever changes you are looking to make in your life, we can get you where you want to be.

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