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Kick Negative Habits, Compulsive Behaviours and OCD Forever

Kick Negative Habits, Compulsive Behaviours and OCD Forever

Kick Negative Habits Compulsive Behaviours And OCD Forever

This course is intended for anyone who would like to free themselves of negative habits, impulsions, compulsions, and addictions.

This includes people who wish to address things such as:

Kick Negative Habits, Compulsive Behaviours and OCD Forever

Giving up smoking, losing weight and keeping it off, help with stopping biting nails, as well as help with addressing negative destructive behaviours, including gambling, binge drinking and addictions such as sex/porn and even the internet.

It is especially helpful for people who are living with conditions such as OCD or obsessive compulsive disorder and the anxieties that accompany it.

In fact, regardless of what it is your looking to get rid of to make positive changes to your life, this course will give you the tools and resources you need to finally free yourself from those negative habits and behaviours forever.

You’ll get personal support from me, the course instructor and I’m available 7 days week to keep you motivated and on track to achieve what you want from the course!

This Kick Negative Habits, Compulsive Behaviours and OCD Forever, Includes

Section 1: Introduction To The Course

Lecture 1. Who is This Course Intended For?

Find out why this course is just what you need to make the changes you’ve always wanted for your health and happiness.

Lecture 2. Meet Your Instructor

Lecture 3. Before We Begin

Section 2 : An Introduction – Habits, Compulsive Behaviours and Addictions

Lecture 4. Resources and Handy Downloads

This lecture contains some helpful downloads that will better equip you for kicking habits and making the changes you want for your life!

Lecture 5. What is A Negative Habit?

The first lecture starts with learning all about what a negative habit is and some examples of them.

Lecture 6. What Are Compulsive Behaviours?

Here we take a look at what a compulsive behaviour is and how they affect our lives.

Lecture 7. Conscious Willpower

So what exactly is conscious willpower and what role does it play in tackling negative habits, compulsions and impulsions.

Section 3 : Common Problems and The Limitations of Willpower

Kick Negative Habits, Compulsive Behaviours and OCD Forever

Lecture 8. The Most Common Modern Problems

Take a look at the surprising results of a 2009 survey which held a group of 30 year olds and asked them what they believed to be the most common problems they faced.

Lecture 9. The Problem with Willpower

Although willpower can be a great source of strength we learn why it has limitations and why we need to plan with strategies and other techniques in combatting habits and compulsive behaviours.

Section 4 : Mindfulness

Lecture 10. How Mindfulness Can Help

This is the first of two lectures devoted to the practice of Mindfulness. The downloadable resource will give you an introduction to Mindfulness and how it can help us.

Lecture 11. Mindfulness Exercises

The second lecture on Mindfulness contains a download on Mindfulness exercises for you to get started on your Mindfulness journey!

Section 5 : All About Habits…

Lecture 12. How Are Habits Formed?

We learn how habits are formed and that they are born out of repetitive behaviours that we perform without being aware.

Lecture 13. When Are Negative Habits A Problem?

We explore when is a negative habit a problem. When do we know we have to address something that might be bad for us or cause problems for people around us.

Lecture 14. Getting Rid of Negative Habits

We take a look at how we start effectively getting rid of all those negative habits we would rather be without.

Lecture 15. Negative Reinforcement

This is a technique that is commonly used to address getting rid of a habit or an unwanted behaviour.

Section 6 : All About Compulsive Behaviours…

Lecture 16. When is A Compulsive Behaviour A Problem?

Compulsive behaviours can be a problem for all sorts of reasons, but how do we know when we need to start making changes so that they don’t make our life difficult or cause us anxieties.

Lecture 17. Habituation

We learn about the mechanism of habituation. We’ll look at visualisation and implementing strategies where you can delay the urge of compulsions.

Lecture 18. Changing The Details of Your Behaviour

This is a technique that explores the idea of changing the details or certain urges and compulsions so that they limit their control over us.

Lecture 19. A Brief Introduction to OCD

This lecture give a brief overview of OCD and the vicious cycle of anxiety it causes.

Section 7 : Impulsive Behaviours

Lecture 20. When is an Impulsive Behaviour A Problem?

So when is an impulsive behaviour a problem? It’s a tricky question because for a lot of us, some of our best memories in life are when we are impulsive. This is about knowing when to act on impulse and when not to.

Lecture 21. How To Deal with Impulsive Behaviours

We’ll take a look at strategies and techniques we can use to deal with impulsions and impulsive behaviours.

Kick Negative Habits, Compulsive Behaviours and OCD Forever

Lecture 22. How Impulsive Am I?

Take this self assessment and find out just how impulsive you really are!

Section 8 : Substance Dependency

Lecture 23. When is Substance Dependence A Problem?

A substance dependency is’t just referring to alcohol and drugs. Caffeine, nicotine and pain killers all come under this category.

Lecture 24. How To Tackle Dependence

We take a look at how when we are tackling a dependency that we need to tackle it from both a psychological front as well as a physical front.

Section 9 : Conclusion

We hope you’ve enjoyed this course on tackling negative habits and compulsive behaviours.

We’ll recap here and look at what we’ve learned throughout the course and where you can go from here.

Kick Negative Habits, Compulsive Behaviours and OCD Forever


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PREVIEW Kick Negative Habits, Compulsive Behaviours and OCD Forever
Kick Negative Habits, Compulsive Behaviours and OCD Forever – COURSE REVIEWS

Worthwhile doing if you live with someone and want to help them get over ocd. It can be quite hard as a loved one watching someone suffering from excessive hand washing and constant hyper alert about germs. There are a number of techniques that I will encourage my other half to engage ion because I believe they will work well if you keep at it


The downloadable self assessment—how impulsive am i, was a massive shock for me. I have never considered myself as being impulsive. However it does answer a lot of questions concerning some negative habits i have

This is 1 of those courses that grabs your attention and you have to keep going

An exceptional course. With explanations on how habits are formed, compulsive behaviors and impulsive behaviors i have gained a lot of insight into an area i thought i knew. I do now!

It’s good to know I’m not the only one who has a ton of vices and bad habits!!!! Thanks libby for the push I needed

Superbly explained, a little at time, so it can be easily absorbed. The graphics are fun and help greatly.

Some very useful practical applications that will benefit me greatly.

Very useful course. It clearly gets across the whats the whys and the whens and thankfully also the dos and don’ts. I shall adopt some of what ive learnt and keep you informed as to my progress. ok?

Dropping bad habits can be a tall order so definitely use the strategies taught here to help andsupport you. Solid strategies and techniques

Clearly produced by an expert in behavioural sciences. A psycho-logical look at why and what we can do to change our behaviours positively. Recommended for anyone who thinks they may have a habit or an unhealthy compulsion. The first step is to admit you have an issue and then changing can commence. Good Luck to everyone who is choosing to make positive healthy changes to their lives.

This course is a very comprehensive course on “Kicking Bad Behaviors.” It starts by introducing us to the differences between habits, compulsions, and dependencies or addictions. Throughout the course, Libby gives us a good explanation of the root causes of these behaviors and how to identify them. We learn that will power takes a lot of energy to maintain, and that it is not through a constant effort of will power that we will overcome our bad behaviors, but, rather, a strategy to last us in the long term. Using will power on the que that a bad habit is about to be enacted, negative reinforcement when a bad habit occurs, replacing bad habits with good ones, or removing the thing like a cookie that would cause us to enact the bad habit are all very good strategies mentioned in this course. Libby takes care to talk about how compulsions are different than bad behaviors because they have anxiety attached, and need to be lessened and/or changed over a long period of time in small increments in order to deal with. Impulse control may be our issue and learning when impulsive behaviors are happening and when they are appropriate will help us understand how to behave in a healthier manner. When it comes to substance dependence, we learn that the physical effects and mental effects are something that have to be dealt with holistically. Simply going off of a substance “cold turkey” could be very dangerous. It is important to remember that failure will happen at times, but we should still aim for more successes than failures. Make sure that we celebrate our victories, and not get overwhelmed with the often lengthy process of treating a bad habit. Overall, learning to mindfully live is key in “Kicking Bad Behaviors” and the like. Thank you, Libby for another wonderfully helpful lesson! 🙂

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