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Improve Your Memory

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Improve Your Memory

Are you forgetful? Do people refer to you as being “absent minded?” When was the last time you didn’t struggle to remember something – even if they’re very important?

If that sounds like you then stay tuned – this improve your memory course is just what you’ve been looking for!

It transpires that there’s no such thing as a “bad” memory. There are merely people who don’t use their memories to the fullest potential.

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What would you do if you could improve your memory by doubling your memory performance starting today? Would you go back to school?  Maybe learn a new language, you might even feel confident enough to change profession and climb the corporate ladder?

In fact, by improving your memory, there aren’t any areas of your life that wouldn’t be improved, just by having a better command of your memory.

During this improve your memory course you’ll be exposed to knowledge about how human memory works and learn an entire range of tried and tested methods all designed to super charge your memory and recall, ensuring the information you wish to retain, stays with you!

This improve your memory course is very practical and gets to work right away.

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You’ll learn a variety of strategies that each suit a different memory scenario.  They’re all very easy to learn and incredibly rewarding to master.  Best of all you’ll be able to track your progress along the way.

As with all of my courses. you’ll have a lifetime access and full support seven days a week  You’ll also receive a personalised certificate on completion from my own training academy here in London.

Can you really afford to keep struggling to remember while others pass you by?  Sign up now for this life changing improve your memory course before you forget!

Improve Your Memory Course Contents:

An Introduction to Improve Your Memory

How Good is Your Memory

Here is a how good is your memory questionnaire. Why do this? So that you have a clear idea of where your memory needs improving and also a good overall idea of your memory performance in general.

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A Little Bit About Memory

The path from information entering our senses to permanent storage in our brains is an interesting one. We have two kinds of memory: long term and short term.

Observation Challenges

Memory Warm Up Exercises

Here you’ll find many downloadable exercises, for you to start exercising your brain and begin to improve your memory.

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Why Do We Forget

Is forgetting a good thing or a bad thing? Why do we forget? Lets find out!

Laying The Foundation for Good Memory

Some top tips to ensure your mind and body are in good shape, looking after your mind and body is essential for improving a mental faculty such as memory recall.

Keeping a Check on Your Stress Levels

Take this assessment to keep track of your stress levels

Drawing for Better Memory

Research has shown that drawing the things you want to remember, is extremely effective for helping you recall them, compared to simply writing them down.

Brain Exercises

In this lecture, I’ll give you some examples of tried and tested methods, that are a simple but effect way of improving your memory. Be sure to access the downloadable resources attached to this lecture, as there are many activities to start exercising your brain and improve your memory recall.

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Using Acronyms 

I’ll show you how to create acronyms, which are superb for helping you remember fairly complex sets of facts, in an easy way.

Using Acrostics

We’ll learn how to use acrostics as a method of memorising and recalling massive amounts of information, text and even poems

Rhyme Keys

Rhyme keys is a special memory technique, that’s used to remember lists of things.

Method of Loci

Here you’ll learn one of the oldest memory methods in existence, the method of loci. This special method is used to remember information related to visualising physical spaces. Method of loci is also known as “memory journeys”, “memory palaces” and the “journey method”

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Here we’ll be covering the keyword method of memory improvement. This highly effective and versatile memory strategy, is extremely useful for learning new vocabulary.

Remembering Names and Faces

Forgetting someone’s name is one of the most dreaded of memory failures. This can be overcome by learning a method known as “Image-name” association.

Top Tips for Bolstering Your Memory

Here are seven top tips to help you keep your memory razor sharp!


Here we are going to create a chain of associations, which is very effective for remembering long lists of items, no matter what the list of items is.


Discover the mind-mapping memory technique. This memory technique can help you remember complex sets of information. Mind-mapping can also be combined with other techniques, for example, chaining, in order to remember massive amounts of information, with little effort.

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Congratulations on completing this Improve Your Memory Course. Let’s reflect on what we’ve learned throughout this course.


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I have given this improve your memory, a 5 star review as it’s one of the best learning experiences i have ever had. Every lecture is concerned with improving memory and there are many resources that accompany the lectures that help you remember, so you know and can recall what you have learned.

Really great course, the videos are brilliant

Hello Libby. I thought your presentation was a resounding success. It was very energetic and inspiring, well done!

I can already remember more things than before! Just implementing a few of these tricks have helped my studies immensely. Where was this course back in high school?

Extremely well structured course – with many practical activities and examples to drive home what you’ve learnt thus far

A really ace online course. Lots of variety of quizzes and excises and downloadable resources too


Definitely starts with a bang!! I loved how libby gets straight into the bread and butter of doing exercises and the general ‘doing’ aspect. Excited to see what the rest of the course brings

Wonderful Presentation! Really Impressed!!

gonna find this invaluble for remembring importent information
Libby I am loving all of your courses so far 🙂 Thank you

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