Free Skype and Telephone Therapy

This Christmas Give Your Mental Health a Present.

As mental health issues rise at this time of the year, London Harley Street’s Renaissance Life Therapy offer discounted £60 Skype & telephone counselling, anytime everyday – at an incredible £60 if booked before New Year – and, for those who need it, there’s a limited number of free Christmas-day Skype or telephone sessions

The 21st Century has brought us 24/7 banking, shopping, automated telephone machines – or if you’re lucky, you can speak to someone in a call centre –  but what about activities that instead of increasing our stress levels, help us put everything into perspective and relieve our anxiety?

This is the dilemma Renaissance Life Therapy have been chewing over, with their clients anxious to not be left out in the cold this Christmas. So, with a little ingenuity and a massive commitment on their Christmases, they’ve decided to make a change for the good.

Whilst they might not have clients in their office on Christmas day, they’re offering a limited number of free Skype and telephone therapy sessions for those in need – and making their online services available 24 hours, 365 days a year, and to help existing and new clients alike they’re offering £60 a session.

Libby Seery of Renaissance explains why they are offering £60 sessions before the start of 2015; and their gift of free Christmas-day Skype sessions:

” We recognise that for a lot of people, Christmas and the build up to it, can be an anxious and stressful time of the year.   The fact that we work even more hours and have less time to plan the ‘perfect Christmas’ adds to the stress and anxiety.

We want to be there when we are most needed.  It is important for us to be available at a time that we know our services are more in demand and less in supply.  This is why we are not charging for our services on Christmas Day”

Online therapy doesn’t suit everybody’s needs: some prefer the neutral ground and safe environment Renaissance offer at their London offices in Harley Street. However, for some clients, online therapy is the best route forwards.

Renaissance have witnessed this growing trend, estimating within ten years 80-90% of therapy will be delivered remotely. Delivering therapy in this way can overcome mental conditions, such as agoraphobia or acute obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD); or people able to find an hour for a session, but not the time nor energy to have sessions outside their home. For both Renaissance and their clients, it means they’re able to offer their online services even on Christmas day and reduce their rates.

With a number of counsellors covering therapies from CBT to ADHD management, anxiety issues, psychotherapy and even confidence: Renaissance Life Therapies offer an affordable step towards nurturing the soul fit for the stresses of the 21st Century.


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