five tips to survive the holidays

Five Tips To Survive The Holidays

The end of the year is rearing its head. For most of us this means that our daily routines are going to be broken, we’ll get away from work and see people that aren’t a part of our normal lives.

On the surface the holiday season seems great, but the truth is that they can be even more stressful than work and if you aren’t careful you can come out the other end more drained than before.

So here are five tips for you that will help avoid the worst that the holidays have to offer and help recharge your batteries to face a new year, with new challenges.

1.Take Care of Your Body!

The holidays are often seen as an excuse to overindulge and let completely loose, only for us to start of a new year worn out and regretful. Your holidays can actually be a great excuse to get in some much-needed exercise. Try to balance your days between doing nothing and doing something fun, but physical. Now is the perfect time to go on an easy hike or take a bicycle tour in your city or town. It’s also the perfect excuse to spend time with your spouse, friends and family in a healthy environment.

2. Give the Politics a Skip

Family dynamics are complicated and annual family get-togethers are fraught with chances for past conflicts to come out again. As far as possible, don’t get baited into those politics. If you have problematic family members resolve to handle them politely and if the situation starts going bad – just walk away.

3. Watch the Alcohol

Alcohol is not only going to make you feel terrible and more depressed in the long run, it’s also the trigger for ugly encounters with family and friends. Enjoy your drink, but keep track. Make sure you eat enough food with your drink and get a unit of water for every unit of alcohol you take. That should keep you on the right side of your buzz.

4.Set Budgets

You don’t need to spend money constantly in order to enjoy your holidays. Decide upfront how much money you can spare for the time period and plan out how you are going to spend it. Don’t empty out your savings and don’t feel pressured to take on credit. These are short term decisions that will hurt in the new year.

5.Give Everyone Their Space – Including Yourself

The holidays are a dance between overbearing relationships and finding the space to rest your mind. As much as some people may want to get everyone together and do everything as a group, people need their space. Too much psychological crowding is like a pressure cooker. There is no reasons to pack every minute of every day with activities because the holidays are short. A day everyone spends just chilling out is not a “wasted” day, in fact that’s very precious.

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