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Failure Leads to Success

Failure Leads to Success Five Ways Failure Can Help You Succeed

How Failure Leads to Success

So what do we mean by failure leads to success? “Failure” is a big, scary word for most people. Years of conditioning by our parents, teachers and the schooling system, have taught us that failure is something that should be avoided at all costs. There’s a wrong answer and there’s a right answer. Only those who get the answer perfectly right the first time get the points.

The truth however, is that failure is inevitable, and actually failure leads to success. The best people in their respective fields fail all the time. In an olympic competition where there are 10 of the best athletes in the world, there are also nine failures every time they compete.

Bill Gate’s became the richest man in the world, but his first attempt at starting a company was a huge flop. One of Stephen King’s most popular novels, Carrie, was rejected no fewer than 30 times before it was published.

Every successful person has these sorts of failure stories to tell. They have all learnt to take their failures and use them to achieve success. So that’s what we mean by failure leads to success. Here are five ways you can do it too.

Failure Leads to Success No1 Learn From Your Mistakes

A mistake is a rare and precious opportunity to learn something. At the very least it teaches you what NOT to do. By making a mistake you pave the way for a more successful future. As long as you don’t repeat your mistakes, then you should never be afraid of making them. Between here and your ultimate success, there’ll be more mistakes than you’ll ever remember, but if you take a lesson from each one, you’ll gain more wisdom than someone who never dares anything will.

Failure Leads to Success No2 Don’t Hide Your Failures

We all have a tendency to remember our victories fondly, but to forget our losses. It’s very useful however to also keep track of the things you have failed at. Talk yourself through your failures. Keep a journal, keep physical reminders of your failures. The idea is not to wallow in your failures, but to accept them and value them as life experiences. Keeping physical reminders of failures will also remind you not to repeat them. We don’t always remember exactly what lead up to a particular failure, so it’s important to remind ourselves.

Failure Leads to Success No3 Let Failure Teach You About Yourself

Knowing yourself is one of the most important factors in achieving success. Few things teach us as much about ourselves as a good failure. Your failure means that you have courage. It means that you have the strength to endure. It shows that you have the capacity to grow and embrace whatever life throws at you. Someone who has failed has lived, and that’s something to be proud of. If you believe in your own character and strength, you’ll maximise your chances of being a success one day.

Failure Leads to Success No4 Let Failure Open Doors for You

It may seem illogical, but a failure is by definition an unplanned outcome. It takes you down a road that you would otherwise have avoided. It takes you to a place you would otherwise never have gone. New things happening that we didn’t plan for are a type of opportunity. Pay attention to the opportunities that your failures bring across your path. There’ll be many, but you have to be open to them.

Failure Leads to Success No5 Failure is not the Opposite of Success

Failures are a part of the process of success. The opposite of success is apathy. It’s being dead on your feet. Those who have failed the most are also those that succeed most often. Why? It’s actually dead simple. They try more than the rest of us. If you play enough hands of poker and keep getting a little better every time, eventually you’ll come out on top. If you quit at the first loss, well you’re guaranteed never to make it.

So the best advice is that you should get out there and start trying. Failure is not only an option, it’s a recommendation.

Here’s an interesting article on Life Optimizer, which is a guest post from Fred Tracy, titled 3 Reasons Why Failure is the Key to Success

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