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Dyslexia Therapy

Dyslexia therapy online course

Dyslexia Therapy Online Course

Welcome to this course on dyslexia therapy. We’re sure that you’ll both enjoy it and find it useful to better understand the nature of dyslexia as a condition and the treatment options that are available to improve the daily lives of dyslexia sufferers.

The course is comprehensive and covers every aspect of dyslexia therapy.  It is suitable for people who wish to learn more about the condition, but it is focused towards those people who wish to engage in the practice of dyslexia therapy.  As such, you will have access to an enormous amount of resources and practical activities, that will help you with your studies.

Dyslexia therapy 5 online course

Although this course is suitable for anyone who wishes to know more about dyslexia, it is mainly focused towards informing those who want to engage in dyslexia therapy. To that end we’ll spend a fair amount of time on the nuts and bolts of the different aspect of dyslexia. It’s been our intention however, to keep this course light on theory and oriented towards practical engagement with the lived experience of dyslexia and the various ways those with dyslexia can manage the condition.

The course, along with all of our other courses, are fully accredited and you’ll be awarded certification on completion.

You’ll enjoy a lifetime access to the course, as well as updates to course material.

The course has all the flexibility and convenience that online learning offers, as well as full support, seven days a week.

The contents of this Dyslexia Therapy online course includes:


Module 1: Understanding Dyslexia

1.1 Defining Dyslexia

Activity 1:  Which of These Celebrities Has Dyslexia?

1.2 Living With Dyslexia

Activity 2:  The Dyslexia Experience

1.3 Causes of Dyslexia

1.4 Related Concerns and Issues – PDF

Quiz: Module 1

Dyslexia therapy 1 online course

Module 2: Diagnosis

2.1 Changes to the DSM and SLD Diagnosis – Plus Downloadable Resource

2.2 Diagnostic Criteria for SLD with Impairment in Reading – Slideshow and PDF

Resource:  Spotting The Signs of Dyslexia

Quiz: Module 2

Module 3: Assessment and Evaluation

3.1 Language

3.2 Phonological awareness

Activity 3: Rhyming Exercises

Activity 4: Ellison Analysis

Activity 5: Blending Synthesis

Activity 6: Discrimination Exercises

Activity 7: Sound Matching Tasks

3.3 Rapid naming and word fluency  – Slideshow and PDF

Activity 8: RAN Assessments

3.4 Reading fluency  – Slideshow and PDF

Activity 9: Using Fluency Phrases

3.5 Reading comprehension

Activity 10: Comprehension Cube

3.6 Spelling  – PDF

Activity 11: Word Search

3.7 Writing

Activity 12: Good Writing Checklist

3.8 Other Considerations

3.9 Sewing it All Up  – Slideshow and PDF

Quiz: Module 3

Dyslexia therapy 2 online course

Module 4: Managing Dyslexia

4.1 Assistive and Adaptive Technology

4.2 Remediation Training  – PDF

4.3 Self-advocacy

Activity 13: How Much of a Self-Advocate Are You?

Quiz: Module 4

Module 5: Learning The Basics

5.1 Learning The Basics – Language

5.2 Learning The Basics – Spelling  – PDF

Activity: How Good is Your Spelling?

5.3 Reading  – Slideshow and PDF

5.4 Learning The Basics – Writing

Activity 15: Pronunciation

Activity 16: Silent Letters

Activity 17: Compound Words

Quiz: Module 5

Module 6: Dyslexia in The Classroom

6.1 Building an Inclusive Classroom

6.2 Awareness  – PDF

6.3 Differentiated instruction

Activity 18: Climax, Structure, and Elements of a Story

Activity 19: Context Clues Vocabulary Builder Activity

Activity 20: Comprehension and Inference Question Creator

Activity 21: Poetic Devices Finder

Activity 22: Figurative Language Finder

Activity 23: Character Traits and Motivations

Activity 24: Summarisation and Narrative Sequence

Activity 25: Identifying Facts and Opinions

6.4 Classroom Modifications

Activity 26: Section 504 – Classroom Checklist

Quiz: Module 6

Dyslexia therapy 3 online course

Module 7: Dyslexia in The Workplace

7.1 Awareness

7.2 Workplace Coping Strategies  – Slideshow and PDF

7.3 Organisation and Time Management  – PDF

7.4 Reading Strategies

7.5 Writing Strategies  – Slideshow and PDF

7.6 Memory Strategies

Activity 27: Workplace Dyslexia Checklist

Quiz: Module 7

Module 8: Information Seminars

8.1 Organising Seminars

Activity 28: Creating A Mock Seminar Programme

8.2 Sensitivity Training and Real Change

Activity 29 : Adult Dyslexia Checklist

Quiz: Module 8

Module 9: Intervention for Dyslexia

9.1 Testing

Resource: Dyslexia Assessment Battery Reference Sheet

9.2 Highlighting Strengths – Slideshow and PDF

Quiz: Module 9

Dyslexia therapy 4 online course

Module 10: Clinical Therapy

10.1 Medical Treatments  – Slideshow and PDF

10.2 Nutritional/Allergic Treatment

10.3 Sensory Integration, Reading Reflex, and Optometric Treatment

Resource: Sensory Processing Disorder Checklist

Quiz: Module 10


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There is nothing i don’t like about this body language online course, its so enjoyable 🙂 I recommend this course for any person with just the slightest interest in non-verbal communication!

Intriguing and very very enjoyable!

Totally awesome… Showed a lot of situations and scenarious wher body language is useful and where we can use it for the better of ourself. Very stylish videos and liked the support from the teacher too

Another great course!! Now I can use these skills to develop in my new job. Very interesting course material, looking forwad to my next course

Covers every facet of where you could use body language for success > cool course

Libby you are a very gifted teacher and I was amazed at how much I learned on body language and the advantages of using it and understanding it 🙂

I thought it would just be a bit of light hearted fun to learn this but as it transpires theres a serious message we can all learn from this type of communication ~ superb!

Wonderful to have the downloadable guides to keep with you so you can reference all the signals

Superb delivery of course and really really useful knowledge to apply and I am intrigues to measure the results with regards to the mating game =watch this space!!!!!!

Totally impressed with the benefits of body language – i had no idea we could use it quite so advantageously!!!

The video body language when speaking in public has really inspired me. This is an area of my life that i have a lot of difficulty with, as i often have to address many people at work in this way. The tips i have learned will help me overcome my anxiety surrounding this work task. Going forward i’m feeling different about it already, almost excited! Many thanks.

The lectures on core patterns, that group different signals together, helps make a strong case when making decisions regarding an individuals body language

Not quite finished it all but i have to leave it five stars because it was EXCELLENT. Every single lecture was well explained and really fun

This is the best online course i have ever taken – brilliant

It’s astounding how much information we give away through our body language when we’re non-verbally communicating with other people

The best body language guide I have come across. Exceptionally thorough and covers evry eventuality with a fantastic guide on the ‘mating game’. If you’re in the market for finding the love of your life you will find this beneficial LOL


Loved your webinar on mixed messages in body languages. Thanks for this great little course I was super imoressed and will happily tell my colleagues

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