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Course Overview

What life coaching looks
like is not something that is set in stone, but rather an area of constant

The modern life coach, is
not about accumulating various qualifications, in fact the modern life coach
doesn’t need any qualifications.

What you do need is an
array of skills, and this start up your own life coaching business course
has been designed, to teach you all the skills you need, to be able to set up
your own practice and have it running in a matter of weeks!

Whatever your level of coaching
ability is at the moment, advanced, intermediate, or a complete beginner, this
start up your own life coaching business course will provide you with
everything you need, to start up your own coaching practice.

As long as you can help
someone commit to the work necessary to make a change in their lives then you
can do the job.

Life coaches are almost
universally entrepreneurs. The burden is on them to find work and sustain a
business based on providing life coaching services. This means that a successful
life coach must not only master the art of life coaching itself, but must be an
effective marketer, consultant and business manager.

Everything has been covered
in this start up your own life coaching business course, and to help you
achieve success in this amazing profession, this complete life coaching
package, for the modern life coach entrepreneur is:

Fully accredited

Comes with certification

Comes with full support
from the course creator, Libby Seery, 7 days a week

Support is continued from
Libby during and after course completion, helping you establish yourself in
this lucrative profession

This start up your own life
coaching business course, has been designed with every aspect of coaching
in mind, nothing has been left out. Taking this course will provide you with
everything you need (even if you’re new to coaching) to start your own
life coach practice, in as little as a few weeks. Previous clients
have set up their own coaching businesses, with less than $50.

This is by far the
simplest, cheapest and easiest time in history to run a life coaching
business. In this modern internet-age you can do without a lot of the hassle
and expenses of running a small business that were a definite hurdle in the
past for an aspiring entrepreneur.

Established life coaches
are gaining substantial financial and personal rewards for their hard work. In
this internet age there is also a world of possibilities for life coaches who
can develop a strong personal brand and create online content that will either
draw in clients or become a source of revenue by themselves. Preferably both.

This means that a modern
life coach also needs to understand internet marketing and the role of social
media in growing your own life coaching business.

Generally traditional life
coaching consists of complimentary consultations followed by regular support
sessions. Some of these sessions are face-to-face, but the majority will be via
phone, Skype or email.

However, someone looking to
build a flourishing and sustainable life coaching business may also find
themselves performing minor variations on the core process of life coaching on
a one-on-one basis.

For example, you may
provide short seminars to groups of people or have shorter one-on-one sessions,
but have them with a greater number and variety of clients.

In this start up your own
life coach business course, these are exactly the skills you will be
learning. After you have completed this course you will be firmly on your way
to establishing yourself as a life coach. Ready to get out in the world and
make a difference to someone.

Some of the things I’ll
teach you include:

What you do and do not need
in order to run a life coaching business.

The various ways in which
you can source business for your coaching practice, including Social Media,
Networking and General Marketing

How to market your services
to the outside world

I’ll teach you professional
consultation skills. 

We’ll also cover all
aspects of internet based life coaching, as this is a rapidly growing area
of the modern life coach, and you’ll need the ability to communicate cheaply
and easily with anyone anywhere in the world. This is not just limited to
sending each other text-based messages, but also includes high-quality face to
face video communication.

We’ll also be discussing work
life balance in your career as an independent life coach.

This start up your own life
coaching business course, also provides you with several coaching models,
which are all tried and tested coaching methodologies.  All coaching
models, come with examples of case studies, so you can see how they work in
different scenarios.


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