counselling and coaching

Counselling And Coaching



Here at Renaissance Life Therapies, we offer sessions of counselling and coaching.  Depression counselling, anxiety counselling and life coaching for self improvement; as well as a range of other specialised therapies to suit individuals. We are person centred and wish to guide you into making the best choice for you. To help you decide what might be the best option for you, this article discusses the two terms ‘Counselling’ and ‘Coaching’ and our own views on what makes a good personal development coach.

Counselling, by definition, seeks to take a look at our triggers from the past and bring us into the present. It focuses on behaviours and how they present in our actions and thoughts. Whereas ‘life coaching’ is grounded completely in the present and only looking forward without giving too much focus on the past.  So to Simplify things then:

Counselling  =  Looking Back

Coaching      =  Looking Forward

But we don’t believe it is that straightforward.


Many people consider counselling as a way to cope with depression or anxiety which can either be something they have experienced for a long time or following a significant event. Through counselling, sometimes things will become more painful before they are resolved. Counselling is a great solution for you if you have a desire to find solutions to issues from your past in order to see your present and future prospects with a new perspective.


Naturally, many people who seek personal development may opt for coaching. To benefit from coaching; you will also need an understanding of how you came to this present time of difficulty; whatever aspect of your life is being affected. You will examine what negative baggage you may have accumulated.

Therefore both counselling and coaching overlap somewhat and can lead to positive results.

Our person-centred approach means our therapists will help you to address the past, gain a new perspective on it, and set life goals to help you lead a more fulfilled life. Where we begin is to assess where you are already on that journey.


Essentially, both skills will ask you to acknowledge past issues in order to reduce negative responses to future issues; empowering you to feel confidence in the choices you make.

Often people choose life coaching for self improvement. Perhaps you have an area in which you lack confidence and wish to learn some strategies to gain confidence in this area. Our expert life coaches use their skills to help release you from the negative influences that are causing the lack of confidence and begin your journey into the future with fresh hope and vigour; a clear plan of where you would like to be and how we can help you to get there.

Counselling can be a longer term commitment as it may require you to look deep into the past and areas which you haven’t really discussed with anyone before. Sometimes a lot of negativity from the past needs to be cleared in order for you to look to the future.

To conclude, we believe in seeing the two as blended skills which help you discover how to move from where you are to where you would like to be.  For more Information please contact us at Renaissance Life Therapies