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Half-Price Counsellor & CBT Training To Put Yourself Above The Rest

With record numbers of self employment many of whom are in the counselling and therapy trades: Renaissance Life Therapies have created an unmissable offer for people to teach themselves CBT

2014 has seen self-employment reach its highest rate in the UK for the last forty years. 4.6 million people now class their own business as their bread winner. Since 2009, there has been a 19% increase in self-employment.

UK women in particular have seen the benefits of being self-employed, with 1.4 million women now running their own businesses; a 34% rise over the same period. Many of them have set up as counsellors and therapists. Of the 34 thousand self-employed counsellors and therapists in the UK, over 80% are women.

However; it’s not as rosy as it might first appear. Average income for the self-employed has dropped by 22%. Competition is fierce. People are seeking innovative ways to put themselves in front of their competitors, and it is often most challenging for new entrants to this market.

The importance of accessible, affordable and exceptionally high-quality training courses has never been so high.

Libby Seery, founder of London-based Renaissance Life Therapies has an offer budding therapists and counsellors would be foolish not to consider. Until 30 October, she is offering twenty half-price places on her CBT training course ‘Train to Be Your Own Counsellor & CBT Therapist’

Libby is one of Renaissance’s founders, coming from a background in the private therapy sector. She has worked with numerous mental health charities and the NHS, building a wealth of experience through her extensive career. She firmly believes counselling can benefit all sorts of people. She has created a window in her schedule of supporting clients to run this course.

Run online, the course includes over 33 topics, with over 50 resources available for download. Students also benefit from remote one-to-one support from Libby and her colleague Richard Smith. It’s aimed as an introduction to cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT), though many also use it to refresh their knowledge.

Previous students have benefited from improved knowledge and skill in applying CBT. This has helped them and their own clients identify negative thought patterns and thinking traps; and how this negativity can be challenged and alternatives sought. Amongst the consistently five-star reviews previous students have given, one student commented:

Totally loved this. My top tip is this; keep practising the negative automatic thought diary exercise, until you know the questions off by heart. Once you do, you’re thinking habits become transparent! It is quite a revelation, at least it was for me anyway. I have already started to challenge some of the negative patterns in my thinking and am startled of how obvious things seem when you keep a record of them!!! Simple but it works brilliantly. Thank you to the course creator

This half-price ($199) training course can be booked on their website www.renaissancelifetherapies.com

To learn more of Harley Street’s Renaissance Life Therapies, including their half-price Skype and telephone counselling sessions (offer finishes at end of October 2014), visit their website here: www.renaissancelifetherapies.com/special-offer/

Self-employment statistics sourced from the Office for National Statistics August 2014 release: www.ons.gov.uk/ons/rel/lmac/self-employed-workers-in-the-uk/2014/rep-self-employed-workers-in-the-uk-2014.html


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