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CBT Online, also known as online CBT therapy, is a form of psychotherapy that is delivered in a number of ways, by an online therapist.

CBT Online enables you to have online CBT even in your pyjamas.CBT online, is used to treat a variety of mental conditions, using various online methods, like email, instant messenger, Skype (video, telephone application) and via telephone.

Online CBT therapy, works to solve ongoing problems and helps change negative patterns of thought, and negative patterns of behaviour.

When delivered by a qualified online therapist (such as a psychotherapist or counsellor), CBT online, is an extremely effective therapy.


Issues that can be addressed through online CBT therapy, include psychological conditions such as depression and mood disorders.  These are also known as affective disorders.

  • CBT online can help with issues surrounding addiction or dependency, both physical (alcohol, substances) and mental (gambling, shopping)
  • CBT online is effective in treating eating disorders
  • CBT online can effectively treat compulsive and obsessive disorders. OCD for example, has a high statistic of being successfully treated when using online CBT therapy
  • CBT online can also help people with personality disorders, like borderline personality disorder (BPD) and avoidant personality disorder (APD)
  • CBT online can help with addressing limiting self beliefs (beliefs about self, others and environment).  This is a major factor in influencing our thoughts and behaviours

CBT Online is as effective as face to face counsellingHow we feel about certain things is usually preceded by an idea or a thought. Simply put another way, how we think, has an affect on our mood.

A CBT online therapist can help us to identify these patterns of thoughts and feelings.  Working with an online therapist will also help a person in recognising that their perceptions (of self and others), can influence their behaviours.

The approach of online CBT therapy, is proving to be a very popular form of counselling. Not least because it helps us to overcome restraints that may other wise have prevented us from accessing therapy services.

CBT online is also a perfect approach for people who just don’t have the time available, to even consider having therapy.CBT Online can be via your mobile phone.

Online CBT therapy makes it possible for a person to engage with an online therapist and have counselling sessions without leaving the comfort of their home.

When you consider the time and effort that is involved in attending traditional face to face sessions, it’s no wonder that CBT online therapy is on the increase.


Unlike having CBT online, attending therapy appointments, involves a number of logistics:

  • Arranging time off work or time away from home
  • Time to travel to the practice and travel back home again
  • The time it takes for the session itself
  • The possible awkwardness of explaining to your employer why you need this time off work

Geographical area is another reason why people choose to have CBT online. The therapist’s office may be some distance and you may need to consider driving in heavy traffic, or worse still, at the mercy of public transport.

Online CBT - Offering private confidential CBT onlineHaving CBT online also eliminates the possibility of running into someone you know in the waiting room. All these things can exacerbate stress and anxiety.

Having therapy by way of CBT online, makes it possible to have a session within the same hour of you booking one. With Renaissance Life Therapies, we realise the importance of being adaptable, this is especially true within the therapeutic process. Having CBT online offers the client complete flexibility.

The hours of availability with choosing to have CBT online are also much broader, especially when you consider traditional opening hours of many practices, are 9am – 5pm.  Renaissance Life Therapies online CBT services are available from 6am – 11pm, every day, including weekends.

All you need to be able to have online CBT, is a laptop, tablet or telephone. You can also choose exactly where you would like to have your session. Most people find it beneficial to have CBT online, in a place where they feel most relaxed. This is usually at home, but it could be that you choose to have CBT online, whilst alone in your car.

The biggest factor is that you should feel relaxed, safe and in a place where you will not be disturbed.


Online CBT therapy involves setting short and long term goals. Although it is largely concerned with the here and now, you may also cover some details on your personal history.

One of the aims of online CBT is to discuss what is happening for you and to break problems down into smaller, less overwhelming parts.CBT Online - Cognitive Behavioural Therapy Online

Working together with your online therapist, you will learn to recognise thoughts feelings and behaviours, and explore how they affect you.

CBT online will provide you the space in order to facilitate positive change in addressing these unhelpful patterns of thought, feelings and behaviours.

As with traditional face to face style therapy, online CBT adheres to the same strict confidentiality policies, ensuring confidentiality and privacy.

As well as offering CBT online, we also offer CBT in person, by visiting us at our Harley Street clinic.

Whatever changes you are looking to make in your life, we can get you where you want to be.

CONTACT US now to start your journey with Renaissance Life Therapies.

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