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Body Language – Body Language: Your Path To Success

Body Language Course: Body Language The Secret To Success

Body Language – Body Language: Your Path To Success

This body language course will take you on a very personal journey. I’ll teach you the power of body language, and how to get what you’ve always wanted, without even saying a single word!

Body Language - Body Language: Your Path To Success

Whether it’s the boardroom or the bedroom, I’ll share with you the secrets of successful body language, ensuring you ALWAYS get what you want, when you want.

Have you ever wanted to be more confident but didn’t know how to be? With a few simple tips, I’ll show you how you can start to impact positively on just about every area of your life.

As well as having confidence in abundance, I’ll teach you how you influence the outcome of just about given situation or setting. Imagine getting that pay rise / promotion that you want for yourself, imagine bagging that guy / girl of your dreams? Imagine being able to negotiate like a true professional? Well now you no longer need to imagine.

Start today and create the life you’ve always wanted and be a more confident you.

You’ll immediately notice the difference of how you carry yourself, and how other people respond to you in a more positive way.

As well as getting what you want, you’ll also learn how to tell if someone is lying to you or trying to deceive you!

As with all my courses, I’m here to support you 7 days a week, with whatever you need. Just read my reviews from other students who have already studied with me and you’ll feel confident that I can help you get what you want from this course. I’ll also issue you with a personalised certificate from my own training academy, here in London.

Body Language – Your Path To Success Includes:

Section 1: Introduction To The Course

Meet Your Instructor

Before We Begin

Section 2: What is Body Language?

What is Body Language?

This lecture introduces body language, which is also known as Kinesics.

We get to learn that these non verbal behaviours are a powerful form of communication that can be used in ways to positively impact on our lives.

Body language comprises of seven factors, and this lecture introduces us to them, before we explore them fully later on in the course.

This lecture introduces body language your path to success

Beware of Mixed Messages

This is an important aspect of body language.

Understanding mixed messages and how to avoid them, is crucial in order to be an effective communicator. Our body language gives us away in terms of displaying our true feelings, so it is essential that we fully learn the eight areas that our body language influences.

Introduction To Core Patterns

We learn in this lecture that there are twelve core patterns of body language that we exhibit through something called “Message Clusters”. A message cluster, is a series of messages that we give off that have the same meaning.

Core Patterns in Detail – Closed / Crossing / Enacting

This lecture looks at the core patterns surrounding; Closed or Closing, Crossing and Enacting.

The closed core pattern is surrounding body language relating to protecting, hiding and denial.

The crossing core pattern is concerned with defensive actions.

The enacting core pattern is all about the subtle body movements which represent acting out, what a person is thinking.

Core Patterns in Detail – Expanding / Moving Away / Moving Forward

The next set of core patterns we’re looking at are: Expanding, Moving Away and Moving Forward.

Expanding is much like it sounds. This body language behaviour is intended to make one’s body larger, wider etc.

Moving away, in body language terms, involves the behaviours that includes literally moving away from another person.

Similarly, moving forward involves behaviours such as stepping forward and have a number of meanings.

Core Patterns in Detail – Open / Preening / Repeating

The next set of core patterns we learn about include being Open, Preening and Repeating.

The open body language involves being accepting and showing interest.

Preening is a body language that is often seen in the body language of flirting.

Repeating in body language terms can exhibit a true meaning of being bored or irritated.

Core Patterns in Detail – Shaping / Striking / Touching

The last in the core patterns of behaviour, include looking at shaping, striking and touching. We will look at these in detail and explore them at length.

Body Language Skills – Part 1

In the first part of Body Language Skills, we look in detail at the following:

– Accenting Skills

– Moderating Skills

– Complementing Skills

– Substituting Skills

– Contradicting Skills

– Regulating Skills

Body Language Skills – Part 2

In this second part of Body Language Skills, we look at the following in greater detail:

– Repeating Skills

– Deceiving Skills

– Gesturing Skills

Gestures tend to have three stages and these include:

Preparation / Stroke / Retraction

body language your path to success

All The C’s of Body Language

There are five aspects to consider when interpreting body language and these include:

– Cues

– Changes

– Clusters

– Character

– Context

We learn how to use each of the se to interpret body language more accurately and more effectively.

Aspect 1: Cues

Aspect number one is all about cues.

Our actions or behaviours tend to be responses to other people’s actions or what other people say. Our internal responses are triggered by these external actions or words of others. These triggers are also known as cues.

Aspect 2: Changes

Aspect number two is all about changes. Changes in body language or transitions, are important indicators. We learn that sales people are particularly good at this aspect!

Aspect 3: Clusters

Aspect number three is all about clusters.

Changes in body language can be singular, like crossing the arms, however generally they appear in clusters. Clusters are a group of movements that happen close together or at the same time. When clusters occur it is an indication that the message is a strong one!

Aspect 4: Character

The fourth aspect we’re going to be looking at is all about character.

When reading someone’s body language, it’s very easy to misinterpret signals because of personality. It is important we take this into account because this will give us a clearer interpretation of a person’s message.

Aspect 5: Context

The last aspect we will be looking at is something called context.

When reading another person’s body language, consideration should be given to the broader context that may be influencing their thoughts, feelings and behaviour. Much like character, this will give us a better indication of what a person is actually conveying.

Matching & Mirroring – Body

In this first part of matching and mirroring we look at the body.

Matching and mirroring of speech and body language signals between people, has a tendency to assist in establishing rapport. Rapport is having a mutual understanding, shared between two people, including empathy and trust.

Matching & Mirroring – Speech

In this second part of matching and mirroring we look at speech.

We look at the ways in which we mimic each others tone and speed of speech in order to help someone feel comfortable.

Cultural Differences of Body Language

There are many variations in gestures and body language signals that we should be aware of, concerning other cultures.

Being aware and respectful of other people’s cultural background can ensure that we guard against the possibility of misinterpreting the message they’re conveying and also that we don’t inadvertently cause offence.

Section 3: Your Downloadables – All in One Place!

Body Language Signals, Indicators and Detailed Explanations

Here is where you’ll find all the downloadables that accompany this course.

These are your take away guides to getting to know every body language signal, what they mean and how to use them to benefit you!

Section 4: Relationships – Using Body Language

Misunderstanding Body Language

This is a very important aspect of learning body language.

The signals you communicate to other people through body language determines:

  • Whether they like you and how much they like you
  • If they have respect for you
  • Whether they trust you or don’t trust you

Sending negative, confusing signals to people damages trust and breaks connection, so it’s important we get it right!

Communicating The Right Message

One of biggest things you can do to improve your body language, is learn to manage stress. Your ability to effectively communicate with other people is seriously compromised if you’re stressed out. Signals you send out will be negative and confusing, signals other people are sending out are likely to be misread by you.

Body Language – In A Sexual Social Environment

Body language signals, in sexual social environments, operates at a whole different level to body language signals in the working, non sexual environment.

Body Language – Signals of Females

When it comes to interpretation of body language signals of females in a sexual social environment, look for clusters of signals rather than single signals, as these are far more reliable. Things like leg crossing signals, knee and foot direction, can be for reasons of comfort rather than attraction!

Body Language – Signals of Males

There are far fewer male flirting body language signals, than that of females. Male flirting signals tend to be more generic and geared towards many rather than individuals.

Here we explore this in greater detail.

Courtship, Flirting, Dating and Mating

We look at the whole game of dating and mating in greater detail and see how this plays out!

Ladies! – Getting What You Want Using Body Language

Ladies, here are some great tips to help you negotiate and get what you want, whether thats closing a major business deal, or getting that handsome man to pay you attention. These tips are transferable from professional scenarios and personal scenarios, so whether it’s the boardroom or bedroom, use these tips ladies and get what you want.

Body Language Secrets – Attracting Women

Question – Do you know what the biggest factor is related to approaching and attracting women?

Answer – may actually surprise you – t’s not money, it’s not looks, it’s not age, the answer is communication!

Communication is not just speaking, the majority of communication is delivered and received through body language.

Section 5: Practical Uses for Body Language

First Impressions

First impressions are very important, as these impressions tend to last a long time with other people.

Using your body language skills is a great way of making a good first impression. Sending the right signals, you can impress people in your professional and social life.

body language your path to success


As we know, body language signals can tell us everything we need to know about other people we communicate with.

When your next negotiating with someone, look out for these three body language signals, and you may just get the upper hand!

Get The Promotion or Pay Rise You Deserve!

Many people become anxious at just the thought of asking for a pay rise and Mainly this is down to fear of rejection.

The biggest factor to consider, when you’re negotiating for a pay rise or promotion, is your reasoning behind why you’re deserved of a pay rise, or promotion.

Influence Success with Body Language

Influencing success is easy when you know how to use the correct body language. I will show you how to influence an outcome of any given situation whether it is in a business environment or in your personal life!

Body Language for a Successful Job Interview

Shrewd job searchers know the importance of saying the right things during job interviews. But what about the things their bodies are saying?

You could be saying the right things, however your body language could be communicating your true feelings.

Body Language – Speaking in Public

Whenever you’re speaking in public, the words you speak should fit in perfectly with the movement of your body. Your body and voice in unison.

Here you’ll find tips and tricks to ensure you speak like a professional!

Section 6: Conclusion

Summary and Conclusion

This is the conclusion of the course. We’ll take you through a summary of what we’ve learned and recap on some of the key body language signals.

I really hope you’ve enjoyed the course and will choose to study with me again soon!

Libby 🙂


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PREVIEW Body Language: Your Path To Success

There is nothing i don’t like about this body language online course, its so enjoyable 🙂 I recommend this course for any person with just the slightest interest in non-verbal communication!

Intriguing and very very enjoyable!

Totally awesome… Showed a lot of situations and scenarious wher body language is useful and where we can use it for the better of ourself. Very stylish videos and liked the support from the teacher too

Another great course!! Now I can use these skills to develop in my new job. Very interesting course material, looking forwad to my next course

Covers every facet of where you could use body language for success > cool course

Libby you are a very gifted teacher and I was amazed at how much I learned on body language and the advantages of using it and understanding it 🙂

I thought it would just be a bit of light hearted fun to learn this but as it transpires theres a serious message we can all learn from this type of communication ~ superb!

Wonderful to have the downloadable guides to keep with you so you can reference all the signals

Superb delivery of course and really really useful knowledge to apply and I am intrigues to measure the results with regards to the mating game =watch this space!!!!!!

Totally impressed with the benefits of body language – i had no idea we could use it quite so advantageously!!!

The video body language when speaking in public has really inspired me. This is an area of my life that i have a lot of difficulty with, as i often have to address many people at work in this way. The tips i have learned will help me overcome my anxiety surrounding this work task. Going forward i’m feeling different about it already, almost excited! Many thanks.

The lectures on core patterns, that group different signals together, helps make a strong case when making decisions regarding an individuals body language

Not quite finished it all but i have to leave it five stars because it was EXCELLENT. Every single lecture was well explained and really fun

This is the best online course i have ever taken – brilliant

It’s astounding how much information we give away through our body language when we’re non-verbally communicating with other people

The best body language guide I have come across. Exceptionally thorough and covers evry eventuality with a fantastic guide on the ‘mating game’. If you’re in the market for finding the love of your life you will find this beneficial LOL


Loved your webinar on mixed messages in body languages. Thanks for this great little course I was super imoressed and will happily tell my colleagues

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