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Becoming Self Aware

Three Ways To Become Self Aware

Are you self aware? How well do you know yourself really? You’ve been in your own company for your whole life. There is no one other than yourself that you have spent more time with, yet the chances are that there are plenty people in your life that you know better than yourself. Likewise, there are people in your life who know things about you, that you don’t.

Why is this? Well, it makes sense that as curious beings we pay more attention to our outer world than our inner one, but by getting to know yourself a little better, becoming more self aware, you can make your life experience much richer and improve the chances that you will have satisfying and meaningful experiences. Better self knowledge , or being self aware, puts you on the path to figuring out what you really want, rather than what you thought you wanted.

Here are three ways you can improve your self knowledge and be more self aware:

Self Aware No 1.The Character Method

When you read a book, how do you know if a character is brave, heroic, evil or cowardly? A good author won’t simply tell you that the character has certain traits. Instead we see what the character does in certain situations and from there we can figure out what sorts of traits that character has.

You can actually get to know yourself in the same way. Make a point of taking time to reflect on each day before you go to sleep. Think of the situations that you found yourself in and remember how you reacted. Did you stand up for a colleague being unfairly yelled at by your boss? Did you take stationery that didn’t belong to you, justifying it to yourself? What do your behaviours and reactions say about your personality traits? Over time these reflection sessions can build a much more accurate self-concept than the one you currently have, as you become more self aware.

Self Aware No 2. Keep A Freeform Journal

Journals are a great way to keep a record of our experiences and to show us how we have grown over time, but they are also a great way to get to know ourselves and again, become more self aware.

If you are someone who has already been keeping a journal, you may find that going back and reading your entries from the start will give you a lot of insight into the kind of person that you are. Separated by the raw emotion of those events by the passage of time, you can look back on your thoughts and feelings with a more rational eye.

If you are only starting a journal now, remember to give yourself time before reviewing older entries and make a point of writing about the things you actually don’t want to commit to paper. The things you strongly feel you don’t want to write about could point towards the most important parts of yourself, so that feeling is worth paying attention to. Becoming more self aware is an enriching experience.

Self Aware No 3. Read Your Social Media History

If you aren’t the disciplined journal keeping type, the good news is that you may have been keeping a very detailed record of your deeds after all. If you have a social media account such as Facebook you probably don’t concern yourself with much beyond what hot in your current feed, but if you go back in your history you’ll find a wealth of information about your past self and the type of person you were and what happened along the way until you came to be as you are today. Social media histories are a great untapped resource for the purposes of self-discovery and becoming self aware.

Know Thyself

The path of self-discovery, and being self aware, is one filled with difficult confrontations with your own imperfections. Learning to accept and acknowledge yourself as you are will however give you a sound foundation on which to build your own self-improvement and future development.

Sometimes the task of looking in the mirror can be a painful one, but by putting these three techniques to work you can tackle the task step by step, little by little. Before you know it you’ll know yourself as well (or even better) than your very best friend. So get out there and get acquainted with the person you’ve been looking past this whole time.

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  1. Chyonne
    Chyonne says:

    Hey Libby, thanks for a great post! I like how specific and actionable your advice is. Well done! (I found your post as I have enrolled in your Art & Colouring for Adults course on Udemy.)

    • libby
      libby says:

      Thank you so much Chyonne! I am so happy you enjoyed it, and I hope you’re enjoying the course too! Have a wonderful day, Libby


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