beating January blues

Beating January Blues

Five Tips for Getting Over the January Blues

January is a month, notorious for causing people to feel down in the dumps. We overeat, we under-exercise and the end of the break from work seems to roll up much faster than we expect. We don’t get to do all the things we imagined us doing during that precious free time. Perhaps you had a bad experience with a family member you really disliked or you’re just broke and feeling the pain until the first payday of the year.

Despite this, it’s perfectly possible to lessen or even get rid of the low moods of January, so here are some tips to help soften the blow.

1. Admit that you have the Blues

Don’t deny you have the blues, if you are feeling down as the new year starts and the feeling won’t go away, tell yourself “I have the blues and that’s ok”. One thing guaranteed not to help is telling yourself “feel better” or “get over it”. It wouldn’t help coming from someone else and it certainly won’t help coming from you.

2. Clean Up You Diet

While the idea of “detoxing” following the bad eating habits of the holidays is a myth, your diet plays a big role in your energy levels – after all that’s where your energy comes from!

Eating a lot of sugars, processed foods and other delicious but oh-so-bad for you food over the holidays is bound to leave you feeling sluggish. Put the junk food aside in January and fill up on fruits, vegetables, nuts and lean proteins such as fish and chicken breasts. There are lots of delicious recipes on the internet, pick a few and make them. After a few days of eating clean you’ll already start to feel better.

3. Do Something Fun

It sounds like a no-brainer, but do something just for the sake of itself. It should be something you think is fun. Don’t do it for someone else. This can be anything. Fly a kite, go bowling, read a book. Just do it. Ironically the holidays often present us with little time to do things for ourselves – so see the quiet days in January as a chance to do something for yourself.

4. Get Away from Winter

Our friends in the South don’t have this problem, but for those who have wintery weather during December-January can also pick up a bad case of seasonal depression. Getting exercise, putting some warmer spectrum lamps in your home and simply going outside (even in winter) can go a long way to treating winter blues.

5. Set Your Goals

You are at the start of a whole new year, so it can also help to focus on all the positive things that you are looking forward to this year. What are the good things that are going to happen? Write them down on a piece of paper and stick it up on your fridge or at your desk. Perhaps this is the year you pay off your car or maybe you are going to start an exciting new project. Take the time to remind yourself of that.

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