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Q: Why do we see weird things on Mars?  A: Pareidolia We’ve all read the articles about someone seeing the face of Jesus in a piece of toast. You’ve probably spent some time looking at the clouds, seeing a rabbit, a ship or your Uncle George. Of course, one of the most famous examples is […]

January Blues

January is probably the most glum month of the year, with factors such as shorter days and less sunlight than we commonly have, lots of wet and cold weather, Cold & Flu viruses, Christmas debt, tight clothes (Christmas again), lack of motivation, back to work blues, and the feeling of a need to take action. So […]

Free Skype and Telephone Therapy

This Christmas Give Your Mental Health a Present. As mental health issues rise at this time of the year, London Harley Street’s Renaissance Life Therapy offer discounted £60 Skype & telephone counselling, anytime everyday – at an incredible £60 if booked before New Year – and, for those who need it, there’s a limited number of […]

Mental Health Issues

Employees With Mental Health Issues Need An Employer’s Support Mental health issues are being destigmatised and accepted as fact; managers need to incorporate this into the care they’re willing to provide staff. The UK loses £70bn ever year due to mental health sickness leave at work; and it is estimated that one in four of […]

Disenfranchised Grief

Silent Suffering Hidden From Society Disenfranchised grief: a term to describe grief not known or acknowledged by society There are millions of people in the UK suffering in silence and shouldering their grief, without an outlet. Sufferers of disenfranchised grief feel friends, family and society cannot relate to or are not even aware of their […]

Sale Price Skype Therapy

Harley Street Therapists Offer Sale Price Skype Therapy Sessions To Keep Staff Tip Top As Mental Health again comes to the fore, Harley Street therapists Renaissance Life Therapies have launched Skype sessions to accommodate clients around-the-clock and at just £60 Writer Cynthia Boccelli said, “For a seed to achieve its greatest expression, it must come […]

CBT Training

Half-Price Counsellor & CBT Training To Put Yourself Above The Rest With record numbers of self employment many of whom are in the counselling and therapy trades: Renaissance Life Therapies have created an unmissable offer for people to teach themselves CBT 2014 has seen self-employment reach its highest rate in the UK for the last […]

Mental Health

Employees Who Feel Supported Twice As Likely To Recover From Mental Health Issues Whilst the nation loses £70bn pa due to mental health sickness at work, Harley Street therapists Renaissance Life Therapies praise managers who support employees to achieve optimum mental health. Mental health issues now affect one in four adults, and as 60-70% of […]

Counselling Via Skype

Is Counselling Via Skype For You? Pursuing therapy online (Counselling via Skype) is a modern solution to an increasingly common situation. Indubitably, mental health has become frequently talked about in 2014. Recently Chief Medical Officer Dame Sally Davies revealed her fears about mental health issues impacting the workforces and overall economy of the country, since […]

Living With Depression

Depression & lining with depression Just as the people who suffer with depression are individuals and varied, the illness of depression itself, encompasses a wide range of symptoms. Overall, depression is an insidious illness that can strip you of your finer personality traits and leave you feeling like an empty shell. However, we believe in […]

Adult ADHD Management Strategies

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) symptoms can easily disrupt your daily life. As an adult with ADHD, I have discovered some ways you can successfully manage your own symptoms. ADHD is not a life threatening illness and so this is something to be grateful for. By looking for Adult ADHD treatment, […]

Spotting Behavioural Patterns and CBT

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) is a type of psychotherapy that looks at different aspects of your personality such as how you think about yourself, the world and other people and how your actions can affect your feelings and thoughts. In understanding the relationship between what we’re feeling and what we’re doing, CBT can help us […]

Counselling And Coaching

THE DIFFERENCES BETWEEN COUNSELLING AND COACHING Here at Renaissance Life Therapies, we offer sessions of counselling and coaching.  Depression counselling, anxiety counselling and life coaching for self improvement; as well as a range of other specialised therapies to suit individuals. We are person centred and wish to guide you into making the best choice for […]