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Soft Skills

Why Soft Skills and Hardware Go So Well Together For many tech-inclined people Silicon Valley, a place in Northern California, sounds like a sort of mecca for coders, engineers and other “geeky” types who love to solve problems and think deeply and obsessively about tough, puzzling challenges. It’s a place where people who think in […]

Healing Powers of Art and Colours

Healing Powers of Art and Colours We live in a world filled with beauty and interesting things to behold, but even so people have managed to create objects and images that are even more sublime than those we discovered in nature. In many ways the invention of art by human beings is one of our […]

Creative Thinking

Putting Creative Thinking To Work   Like most people, a lot of my working day is made up of a combination of routines and rules which are necessary in order to ensure that my work is consistent and of a uniform quality.  Although these routines and regulations are essential in making sure that my work […]

Reiki and colour therapy

Hi Everyone Firstly, I hope you’re enjoying our new course – Both Lisa and I have been really excited to be working on such a great project together, and we genuinely want you to have the most enriching learning experience with us.  So please, if there is anything at all you need as you’re studying, don’t […]

Beating January Blues

Five Tips for Getting Over the January Blues January is a month, notorious for causing people to feel down in the dumps. We overeat, we under-exercise and the end of the break from work seems to roll up much faster than we expect. We don’t get to do all the things we imagined us doing […]

Five Tips To Survive The Holidays

The end of the year is rearing its head. For most of us this means that our daily routines are going to be broken, we’ll get away from work and see people that aren’t a part of our normal lives. On the surface the holiday season seems great, but the truth is that they can […]

Art Therapy Zentangles

Art Therapy Zentangles – An Artistic Meditation   Art therapy Zentangles are a fantastic new method of creating structured designs through hand drawing of various patterns. Zentangles are miniature pieces of unplanned, abstract, black and white art, created through a very specific Method from an ensemble of simple, structured patterns called tangles, on a 3.5-inch […]

Speak So Others Listen

Tried and Tested Ways of How to Speak so Others Listen The world can be a tough place and one of the hardest battles every person has to fight comes from wanting to be heard. We all have something to say and we all want a chance to make our voices count, but standing out […]

Stay Mentally Sharp – Five Tips

Stay Mentally Sharp – Five Tips A mind is a terrible thing to waste and few things provide a better quality of life than a mentally sharp and healthy mind. Your brain is like a finely tuned supercar. It can do amazing things, but if you neglect it and don’t do the proper maintenance all […]


Five Small Changes that Lead to Maximum Happiness What every person really wants is to be happy. Whether you’re chasing a career, raising kids or running off to join the circus, it’s almost certain you’re doing it because you think that it will make you happier than you already are. While everyone is constantly trying […]

Five Reasons You’re Awesome

Five Reasons You’re Awesome We live in an amazing, astounding and miraculous universe. There are things going on that our imaginations can barely grasp, but it’s hard to be permanently filled with a sense of wonder, when the bills are due and you still have to file that report for the weekend. Yes, it’s easy […]

Online Yoga Is No Stretch

So you’ve heard about modern online Yoga?  It’s a mix of physical, mental and spiritual elements that promises many physical and psychological benefits. Yoga is suitable for a wide variety of people, from young to old and getting into it doesn’t have to be a daunting experience. What can online Yoga do for you? A […]

Art Therapy for Business: Drawing the Right Conclusions

People think in pictures. Our earliest non-verbal communications were pictures on the walls of caves. We’ve only been a reading and writing species for a small fraction of our existence and even then, most written language began as pictographs. When you read a book or listen to someone’s story it evokes imagery in your mind. […]

The importance of mental health management

MENTAL HEALTH MANAGEMENT How can teachers make sure that they maintain a healthy mind? Mental health management, anxiety, stress, CBT and NLP coaching expert Libby Seery explains how teachers can watch out for mental health issues that may go unaddressed. Since around the year 2000, teaching has often been cited as one of the most […]