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Arts Therapy: For Greater Understanding of the Self

Arts Therapy: For Greater Understanding of the Self

Arts Therapy: For Greater Understanding of the “Self”


Arts Therapy:  How To Use Arts Therapy for Greater Understanding of the “Self”

Arts Therapy : Using Arts Therapy For Greater Understanding of “Self” – Expressing & Developing Through Arts Therapy

This course is fully accredited by a globally recognized CPD body, the Continuing Professional Development Standards Agency.

Taking this course will give you the opportunity to gain a diploma signifying formal certification for 10 hours of CPD / CE credit. 

Please note, accreditation is optional. It is by no means compulsory, or a prerequisite for taking the course.

Degree requirements vary based on the position you pursue and the area in which you reside or work. Should you wish to opt for accreditation and the diploma, full details and directions will be given at the end of the course.

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This is the fourth in the series of my Therapeutic Art courses, which has been created for people who are interested in therapeutic art and the creative process, either for self exploration and healing, or for the purpose of working with other people to help support them in a therapeutic setting.  

The therapeutic, creative process of self expression through art, can improve our physical and mental health, as well as our emotional well being.

        • It helps us to manage our feelings in a more positive way
        • Can give us the confidence to address and resolve issues from the past and present
        • Increase self esteem and develop a greater self awareness

Creating art provides an outlet to express yourself freely, which will encourage and promote a healthier, happier life.

You don’t need any previous experience, and the course is suitable for everyone.  Please be  aware, this course will not qualify you to work as an art therapist.

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What does the course cover?

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The course features over one hundred lectures showcasing the talents and creativity of my students who have undertaken the exercises and activities, contained in the lectures, for the purpose of producing all of the amazing artwork showcased in the course.

We’ll be looking at how to use arts therapy for the purpose of “Expressing, Accepting & Developing our Understanding of the Self” by exploring both ancient philosophers such as Plato and Socrates, as well as looking at the more modern philosophical concepts, brought to us by people such as Karl Jung and David Hume, Heinz Kohut and many more.

We’ll also be looking at using art to explore facets of our personality and covering issues surrounding  introspection,  social comparison and self perception.

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Why study with me?

As well as a lifetime access to the course, you’ll also benefit from unparalleled support 365 days a year.  I always respond to my students the very same day and more often than not you’ll receive a personal reply from me within a few hours.

This Therapeutic Art course is self paced and offers you complete flexibility. Choose to study at a time and place that suits you, safe in the knowledge that help is always at hand.

Private Sharing Gallery

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You’ll also be invited to be part of my private sharing gallery.  This is an exclusive space created solely for my students, where you can share your artwork and support one another in a nurturing, healing environment.

All of the artwork featured has been specifically created for the course and was donated by volunteer students who undertook the various exercises and activities contained within the lectures.  You will amazed and inspired by their creativity!


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Reviews for Arts Therapy: For Greater Understanding of the Self

I really enjoy this course. It’s well structured and insightful full of information that’s deepening my understanding of art and my own self. I have fun doing the exercise and find they are well explained. It’s also tons of fun to see the examples by so many wonderful artists doing the exercises!

I’m only at the first stages of the course and already I am fully engaged! Libby has such depth and insight, which enriches all her courses. I really love learning about so many experiences and perspectives offered by Libby’s students. Some fantastic and inspiring work!

Very inspiring!
I found great all the course, but the section about color and personality was really amazing for me!! I also would like to say THANKS deep in my heart for sharing my music in this course. I appreciate all the kindly comments to my work. I´ve been musician, composer and arranger for so many years, and this experience was quite nurturing. I hope to participate in future projects like this wonderful one. I would also like to say thanks to Libby for her trust in me and letting me be a part of this magic journey throughout the arts. We need arts to build an invisible world that creates the physical world. Congratulations to all artists who took part in this exciting project, i really enjoyed and loved your work. Sincerely, Rafael Molina.

I’ve had a wonderful experience learning about my self throughout this course. The Beautiful psychology & therapy in this course through Art Therapy is amazing. A complete healing process for anyone. the whole experience has been mind blowing. Thank you.

I thoroughly enjoyed this course from beginning to the end. It was simply fantastic, very educational and possibly life changing for me. The philosophers views/models were awe inspiring and the whole course was presented in a extremely professional manner and perfected narration. I would advise and recommend anyone to buy this course without any hesitation.

This is a comprehensive, stimulating course which takes you on a personal therapeutic psychological journey of empowerment through the history and development of Art and creative works, and it’s more than that; you have an inner exploration through your own psychological creativity holistically in the process of creating art.The course materials are of a very high standard, with beautiful artistic works. the instructor provides outstanding support and the process is simple, effective and efficient. Thank you for this outstanding course.Loved it! 10/10.

It is a truly moving experience taking this course. As you learn, you connect with each person that created the artwork for the course, their truth. You FEEL their journey. It is the most healing course, taking myself from before birth and beyond. it is in looking back that we can truly step forwards. As an artist my self confidence has always held me back, I have been invisible with my art. Now I have my own website and exhibiting in a gallery. But its more than that, its having the courage to take the step. In honouring of my path, where I have been, what life experience I have gained. This course is a healing journey to be respected. Those who choose to take the course will have life changing experiences in the comfort of your own home. Have the courage to take this course and step forwards on this life journey with the wisdom you gain of self understanding.