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Renaissance Life Therapies, are based in Harley Street, London, which is recognised the world over as being the centre of medical excellence.We are looking to expand our online services to the rest of the UK and the world.

As well as our online training academy, offering online courses in a number of self help subjects, we are offering private, confidential one to one sessions online, delivered by an intimate team of highly qualified, experienced counsellors and life coaches.  Because of our online booking system, people can have a session, within ten minutes of booking it, anywhere in the world.

We offer extensive practice hours and clients have a session 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, making us a truly unique, private service.We know this mode of delivery quite well, in fact we were at the forefront of using Skype to provide psychological services and today we are probably one of the most experienced providers of this therapeutic mode in the UK.

Our online training academy offers unparalleled tutor support, at no extra cost, setting us apart from other providers of online education.  With a number of courses training in therapeutic subjects, every student has access to a personal tutor, and support is available 7 days a week.  As part of a bespoke learning experience, students have a lifetime access to their course via our private learning management system, including any updates to the course materials.


Our services have been featured on TV and radio, and our team of therapists, referred to as the 21st Century counsellors.We are often featured in articles and education publications, in relation to our online training academy, which offers training in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, as well as a number of courses specifically created for self enhancement and career development.

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  • Ages 24-50
  • 50 -50 men and women
  • 60% in the UK
  • 40% rest of the world


  • Ages 21 – 58
  • 50 – 50 men and women
  • 55% in the UK
  • 45% rest of the world


  • Clients can be guaranteed of a professional, confidential service, from highly trained experts
  • They have the facility to book online and have a session within the very same hour
  • Because our clients could be anywhere in the world, we operate a genuine 24/7 service, accommodating all time zones
  • We believe that everyone, everywhere should be able to have access to professional, confidential therapy at a time that suits them and that they can commit to.  After all, we can do our banking at any given hour of the day, so why not therapy?
  • We are the only company we know of to offer a genuine round the clock, service, 365 days of the year (including Christmas Day)
  • Clients can be anywhere in the world and know that we can be there with them, within minutes via our online booking system
  • Clients have the flexibility and freedom to choose how they would like to have their online sessions.  As well as Skype and FaceTime, sessions can be delivered via telephone, email or IM
  • Online therapy is fast becoming the choice of those people who may not otherwise be able to attend a conventional face to face appointment. These could include groups such as the elderly, workers in remote places and people living in rural areas.  This makes it the perfect choice for busy lifestyles and those people who travel frequently, and may be in another time zone
  • It can be incredibly challenging working through painful or difficult emotions, and doing this in the familiarity of their own home, can mean the difference between them getting help and not getting help


  • They know the courses are written by specialists who practice these subjects everyday in a clinic environment
  • They get unparalleled support from a personal tutor, with student support available every day, including the evenings, weekends and bank holidays
  • For some, the courses we offer are used in treating themselves, while addressing such issues, as stress, anxiety, depression and low self esteem
  • They have a lifetime access to the course, including any updates to course materials
  • The price of a course includes everything you need, including all downloadable resources
  • Students are awarded a certificate from our online training academy
  • Students are kept motivated by course news and regular updates from the course creator
  • Because our self help courses come with the support element and at no extra cost, this often makes the difference between people getting over any humps that they might have, compared to abandoning the process.  As a result, we see a lot of repeat business
  • Internet technologies are also spearheading a revolution in self-paced online education and we’ve embraced this and whole heartedly.  With our private learning management system, students are part of a learning community where they can share and exchange information to enhance their learning experience
  • Web technology is bringing learning to the masses at a rapid pace and the positive effect on this promises to be significant in the future.

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